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Hundreds of British Mosques Host Visit My Mosque Day

LONDON – Today, more than 200 British mosques are welcoming people from different faiths and backgrounds as part of ‘Visit My Mosque’ initiative taking place for the second consecutive year to strengthen social relations inside the British community. “Despite the multi-religious and multi-cultural society we live in, these poll results show that the majority of …

New Converts' Frustrations

New Converts' Frustrations: Do Muslims Really Care?

Short Answer: Many Muslims do not see anything wrong with the way the mosques are run. The only piece of advice I can give you here is to try to enact the change you want to see. I highly encourage you to reach out to and connect with other converts though the Internet. _____________________________________ Salam …

UK Muslims Advised to Give Zakat Locally, Not Abroad

Giving millions of donations and Zakat charity annually, British Muslims were urged to spend their donated money in the UK rather than overseas, as part of a national effort to improve mosques role in the community.

Converting Churches and Temples into Mosques

Converting Churches and Temples into Mosques

By appropriating or even sharing the churches and temples of the local population who were less and less in need of them, the Muslims signaled their utmost respect for those people’s humanity, as well as their appreciation for the latter’s valuable cultural and civilizational exploits.

The Benefits of Non Muslims Visiting Mosques

The Benefits of Non Muslims Visiting Mosques

When a group of non-Muslim visitors come to a mosque, a guide will warmly, politely and intelligently welcome them, preferably – if possible – in their own language. He will then accurately and scientifically explain to them about the mosque and what it stands for…

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