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Work Begins on New Mosque in Bolton

Images of New Mosque in Bolton Revealed As Work Begins on Site

BOLTON – Work has begun on a new mosque in Bolton, with developers revealing images of what the new building will look like, The Bolton News reported on July 11. The Taiyabah Islamic Centre will be an expansion for the current Taiyabah mosque which was built in 1967, but is now running at maximum capacity. …

No Prayers for Non-Locals in Taj Mahal Mosque: Indian Supreme Court

Non-Local Muslims Barred from Taj Mahal Mosque

NEW DELHI – The Supreme Court of India has barred Muslims on July 9 from praying at Taj Mahal mosque, India Today reported. The court dismissed a Muslim plea that challenged a prayer ban issued by the administration of Agra city to debar non-resident Muslims from praying on Fridays at Taj Mahal mosque. The district …

Can Non-Practicing Muslims Volunteer in Islamic Events?

Can Non-Practicing Muslims Volunteer in Islamic Events?

There are always a handful of people in our community who appear as non-practicing Muslims. Should we let these certain Muslims volunteer for our Masajids and Da’wah organizations? Join Sheikh Waleed Basyouni in this video. Source: FaithIQ Watch and Read More:

The Mosque which the Prophet Ordered to Be Burned

The Mosque which the Prophet Ordered to Be Burned

Masjid ad-Dirar was a mosque built in Madinah by a monk named Abu Amir and some hypocrites. It was built close to masjid Quba’ with the intention of mischief and plots to disuniting the Muslims. After it was built, Abu Amir invited the Prophet to pray in it.

9 Hadiths on Men-Women Interaction in Mosque

One of the current problematic issues in mosques that give access to women is the excessive sensitivity towards, and sometimes the strict banning of, ordinary interaction between men and women. Interestingly, those men and women do interact normally with other men and women in the outer community in all walks of social and professional life. …

10 Fatwas About I`tikaf

10 Fatwas About Itikaf

During the last 10 days of Ramadan, many Muslims perform Itikaf, which is a very beautiful experience. Itikaf means to dedicate time for spiritual seclusion in the Mosque. You spend time praying, reading Quran and remembering Allah in the mosque’s pure and spiritual atmosphere. In this folder, we bring for you 10 fatwas about different aspects …

Reciting Quran & Tawaf: Women in Menses Excluded?

Reciting Quran & Tawaf: Women in Menses Excluded?

In the previous part, Dr. Jasser Auda discussed the scholars’ opinions regarding the permissibly of visiting mosques for menstruating women. In this part, he investigates whether a woman in period is allowed to recite the Quran and to do Tawaf. As for reciting the Quran by a menstruating woman or a junub person, the best …

US Muslims Mark First Ramadan in Keene New Mosque

KEENE – Muslims in Monadnock Region, New Hampshire northeast US state, are marking their first Ramadan in the newly built mosque of Keene city. “It’s a time when we try to hold ourselves to a higher character. We try to be more charitable. You’re supposed to control your anger, control all of your urges,” Will …

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