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4 Steps to More Effective Mosques

Beautiful Walls & Empty Halls? 4 Steps to More Effective Mosques

How can we create and maintain effective mosques? Muslims are the youngest religious demographic in the US. Yet, similar to other respective religious organizations, mosques today are not able to capture the fascination of the younger generation. Imam Mohamed Abutaleb addressed this issue during the 15th MAS-ICNA Convention. In this lecture, He maintains that the solution lies …

San Diego Mosque Welcomes All Faiths

Amid hope of bringing people together, the Muslim community in Greater San Diego held its annual open mosque day on Sunday, October 29, welcoming people of all faiths to learn more about their Muslim neighbors.

Women in Mosque: Any Special Dress Code?

Women in Mosque: Any Special Dress Code?

Are women obliged to wear certain uniform other than the regular Hijab when performing prayers or visiting mosque? In fact, there is no evidence in the Prophet’s Sunnah to indicate any difference between women’s normal Islamic dress code and what they should wear during prayers or when going to mosques. Hijab On, No Perfume …

reverts visit mosque

What Can Reverts Expect When Visiting the Mosque for the First Time?

Short Answer: Mosques differ. Some are very rigidly divided according to gender while others follow the sunnah. Some are very welcoming to new-comers, and to women, while others are not. There are a few things to know before you enter, as far as proper mosque etiquette, but prayer is basically the same as praying at home, just …

Can Non-Practicing Muslims Volunteer in Islamic Events?

Can Non-Practicing Muslims Volunteer in Islamic Events?

There are always a handful of people in our community who appear as non-practicing Muslims. Should we let these certain Muslims volunteer for our Masajids and Da’wah organizations? Join Sheikh Waleed Basyouni answers. Watch and Read More:

Four Oldest Mosques in America

The oldest surviving mosque in America celebrated its 110th anniversary this week, reflecting a deep-rooted Muslim community that blossomed centuries ago in the American continent.

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