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ASOS Praised for Launching Modest Muslim Fashion Collection

The British fashion company ASOS has become the latest brand to embrace modest Muslim fashion . The retailer’s hijabs and Islamic dresses named ‘Verona Collection’ have been shown off on April 15 on Twitter, Metro reported. “So happy to be in my hijab representing ASOS new modest collection!” tweeted Asha Mohamud, a Muslim mental health …

Muslim Fashion Exhibition Stirs Debates in Germany

Focusing on modest dress code for Muslim women, the exhibition “Contemporary Muslim Fashions” held at Frankfurt’s Museum Angewandte Kunst has stirred strong reactions from feminists, Deutsche Welle reported. “The focus of the exhibition is a really fashionable modest dress and what we’re trying to show in the exhibition is that there is a lot of …

Did You Know Women in England Used to Wear Hijab 100 Years Ago?

Did You Know Women in England Used to Wear Hijab 100 Years Ago?

The idea of modesty is always changing and evolving, especially in recent times. What some consider as “modest” today would have been scandalous a hundred years ago. For most of human history, most societies have dressed in manners that were much more modest than today. It seems only in the past hundred years or so …

Daughter Talks Too Much About Love

Daughter Talks Too Much About Love

In this counseling answer: •I recommend asking your daughter the reasons she hesitates to play with boys. Having modesty is a good thing. She may feel confused about playing with boys and having appropriate boundaries. •Clear up misconceptions she may have. Ask what she believes is the best engagement between boys and girls. Wa ‘ Alaykum Salaam, …

Challenge Yourself to Train Your Inner Modesty

What comes to mind when someone talks about modesty? Not wearing that low-cut top when your dad is around? Come now, modesty is about more than what we wear, and it is not just a women’s issue, either. So, guys, pay attention. Inner vs outer Modesty, or haya’ in Arabic, comes in two forms: inner and …

Modesty - The Forgotten Hijab

Modesty - The Forgotten Hijab

Hijab is not just about what we wear to cover ourselves. It is also about how we speak and how we behave. Modesty should not just be about how we dress but our behaviour as well. This applies to men and women.

How Well Do You Know About the Prophet Muhammad?

How Well Do You Know the Prophet Muhammad?

Many people embrace Islam without really knowing Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Perhaps all they know is that he was born and lived in the Arabian Peninsula and received the literal word of God in the form of the Quran…


My Daughter Hates Modest Clothes

In this counseling answer: “Just tell her that, you do not respect immodesty, but you do respect her mind and soul, so tell her that you believe in her capacity to see through the garbage and lies and tricks of our enemies to the beauty and truth of Islam, even if she is not strong …

Muslim Cosplayer Works Hijab into Outfits

KUALA LUMPUR — When she dons her costumes, the Malaysian Muslim cosplayer Saakira Izumi certainly grabs attention with her stylish incorporation of hijab into her cosplay outfits, Nation Multimedia reported on December 10. “It’s not difficult to wear a hijab and cosplay. In some ways, it’s just like wearing a wig. You just have to …

The Prophet's Remarkable Simplicity and Modesty

The Prophet's Remarkable Simplicity and Modesty

Prophet Muhammad did not like to be treated like a person of great power or following similar to kings/rulers. He forbade people from standing up in his presence or from kneeling down to him in respect. And he lived in a simple house and ate simple food…

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