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Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam: Poet With Flair for Numbers

Few people have not heard of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, but the fame of his poetry in the West has only existed since 1839, when Edward Fitzgerald published an English translation of Khayyam’s Rubaiyat (“Quatrains”).

Maurits Cornelis Escher

Influence of Islamic Art on Mathematical Graphics

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898–1972) is one of the world’s most famous graphic artists of impossible structures (e.g. “Ascending and Descending”) and transformation prints (e.g. “Metamorphosis I-II-III”).

Signs of Number 19 in Holy Qur'an

Signs of Number 19 in Holy Qur'an

Dr. Shabir Ally tackles the issue of mathematical miracles in the Qur’an as part of his series, Quran – Is It Really The Word of God.


Who's World’s First Algebraist?

Al-Khawarizmi worked as a scholar in the governmental scientific institute “the House of Wisdom” in Baghdad, the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate.

Non-Muslim Tourists Entering the Mosque

Sacred Geometry of Islamic Architecture

The main precept of Islam is the unity and oneness of Allah and the importance of worshipping only Allah and not any statues or other beings. However, as humankind tends to believe what is visible, even in Islam, importance is often placed on physical representations of worship.


How Far Away Is It? (+Video)

In this segment of Mr. David Butler which is named “How far away is it”, he introduces the most basic distance measurement techniques, and illustrate their use in my backyard.


Muslim Algoritmi: World's First Algebraist

Algebra. Even the word is enough to strike terror into the hearts of junior high and high school students the world over – not to mention send shivers of apprehension down the backs of their parents as they start the process of solving for “x” or “y”, and sometimes both.

Muslim Genius Teen Receives Apple Contract & Scholarship

Muslim Genius Teen Receives Apple Contract & Scholarship

An Eritrean teenager has developed a mathematical theory that associates a person’s phone number with their age, awarding him a signing fee of US$30 million dollars to work with Apple after he graduates. For thousands of years many influential Muslims have made notable contributions to the field of mathematics. One of the earliest was from …

Angry Birds Come from Ancient Egypt

Do you enjoy playing online games? Have you been fingering away on your smartphone playing Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, PES, and Samurai Vegean? Do you compete with friends for high scores on Facebook games? If so, you have ancient Egyptian scientists to thank for that. Flash games and online entertainment applications like …

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