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American Muslims Got Talent

American Muslims Got Talent - Finalists' Performance

The finalists of American Muslims Got Talent perform in front of guest judges on Thursday, 28 December 2017 for a chance to win big prizes and a spot during the main entertainment session. American Muslims Got Talent is MAS-ICNA’s annual entertainment exposition featuring an exciting array of talented, courageous, bright men and women taking the …

Islamic Convention Opens Thursday in Chicago

The 16th Annual MAS-ICNA Convention, one of the largest and most diverse Islamic conventions in North America, will kick off in Chicago on Thursday, December 28, to discuss the challenges facing American Muslims and their strive to build a better future.

ICNA-MAS Convention (Live)

ICNA-MAS Annual Convention 2017

Under the theme, “Quest for True Success: Divine Messages of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad”, the annual ICNA-MAS convention started yesterday in Baltimore, MD. This years theme, ‘Quest for True success: The Divine Message of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (pbuh)” reflects the true spirit of all Divine faiths — Quest for True Success! As mortal …

Dalia Mogahed

Strategy of the Muslim Community after the 2016 Elections - MAS ICNA

What is the expected impact on civil rights and civil liberties as president-elect Donald Trump prepares his cabinet? What steps should the American Muslim community take to ensure not only Muslim rights but the rights of other marginalized groups? In this video, Dalia Mogahed discusses one of the most controversial events in modern American History …

Tweets from MAS-ICNA Convention (Part 2)

Tweets from MAS-ICNA Convention (Part 2)

As the activities of the MAS-ICNA Convention 2016 continues, we select here quotes from its second day’s talks shared on the event’s Twitter account. The following collection includes speakers such as Dr. Jonathan Brown, Dr. Mohamed Abu Talib, Imam Suhaib Webb and more "Tell you neighbors and friends how proud you are to be a part …

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