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My Muslim Husband Completed the Half of My Faith

My Muslim Husband Completed the Half of My Faith

Four months later, I woke up one day wondering what would happen if I became a Muslim. So I decided to go to a mosque. When I was there, I heard the most beautiful thing I had ever heard in my life. I asked the Imam’s wife what that was and she told me…

Middle-Eastern Marriages: Like a Lottery?

Middle-Eastern Marriages: Like a Lottery?

In this counseling answer: “My advice is to honor the cultural customs so long as they do not infringe on the clear Islamic guidelines I have mentioned above. In case that happens, you must be open and communicate your needs to your family. You need to remind them and present to them the Islamic evidence for …


How to Make Marriage Decision?

As a practicing psychologist, I was once consulted by a brother in Turkey in need of immediate relationship advice. In summary, the brother’s “emergency” was that he had met a nice religious girl from a good family but was not attracted to her at all. He was under pressure from both his and her family …

End Racism, Let Your Children Marry

End Racism, Let Your Children Marry!

We have a problem within our society. Parents reject men or women from a different race to marry their children. This is wrong. Sheikh Omar Suleiman has this strong reminder!

engagement tips

Dos and Don’ts During Engagement

The rules governing the engagement period in Islam are often clouded by various cultural practices and family traditions, leaving many engaged couples invariably confused.

Muslim girl

I Want a Muslim Girl, But…

Why He Can’t Marry Her: Sulayman’s Story Sulayman met Aidah during a medical internship. They worked in the same lab and had the opportunity to talk a lot during the eight-week assignment. She had graduated as a pre-med major, as had he, and she would attend a medical school near his. Aidah was attractive, easy-going, …

strong marriage

How Does a Muslim Couple Build a Strong Marriage?

Short Answer: First it’s necessary to ensure one has pure intentions in pursuing marriage. Then, one searches for a suitable mate in a suitable way. Next, one should make one’s interest known to both the intended and his or her family. Next, the families should meet together to arrange a healthy marriage contract. The engaged couple should …

Am I Prepared for Marriage?

Am I Prepared for This Marriage?

In this counseling answer: • Express your concerns to him—before marriage! • Do not marry until you feel ready to have kids or until your suitor agrees to wait until you are ready. • About childrearing, ask people who have happy, healthy children what they do. As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu dear sister in …

I Fed Up with Indian Caste System & Married Secretly

Fed Up with the Indian Caste System; I Married Secretly

In this counseling answer: • The gentle education of your parents must be slow and gentle. Show them love and respect by acknowledging what they feel and what they are trying to say to you. Listen to them so that you can identify their fears. This will empower you to contemplate strategies to use in …

I Got a Marriage Proposal While I'm Studying; What to Do?

I Got a Marriage Proposal While I'm Studying; What to Do?

In this counseling answer: The best advice I can provide is to continue getting good grades. Don’t lose focus on your education, seek out your mom’s advice and input, get to know the boy and his family with your mom (or another family representative) present as well as take classes on Marriage Preparation. As salamu alaykum …

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