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For Spouses: It Takes Two to Communicate (Watch)

Most of us know that good communication is the basis for a successful marriage. But we often forget that communication is also non-verbal. paying attention to our spouses, being aware of what’s important to them and positive body language can have a profound impact on our partners. Watch this video by Marriagesuccess and know more about …

Advice for Revert Sisters Making Hijrah to Egypt

Advice for Revert Sisters Making Hijrah to Egypt

Are you a revert sister wanting to move to Egypt? Do you have plans to study Islam, or to get married, or both? In this three part series, I will discuss many things that should be taken into consideration when making hijrah, regardless of the reason.


How to Make Marriage Decision?

As a practicing psychologist, I was once consulted by a brother in Turkey in need of immediate relationship advice. In summary, the brother’s “emergency” was that he had met a nice religious girl from a good family but was not attracted to her at all. He was under pressure from both his and her family …

The in-laws

Our Big Problem: The In-Laws (Watch)

Why do mothers in-law constantly criticize their daughters in-law? Weren’t they daughters in-law once?! In-laws’ interference is a common problem that causes much pain in marriages and sometimes, it puts an end to it. In this video, marital counselors and Islamic scholars speak about this common problem and give advice on how to deal with it. …

Student: How to Manage My Sexual Urge?

Student: How to Manage My Sexual Urge?

Answer: As-Salam ‘Aleikom brother, Thank you for contacting us regarding your concern. We appreciate it. I will, in sha’Allah, try my best to advice you in your matter. Sexual desire is a feeling that Allah (swt) has given to human beings for the continuation of generation. It is a natural matter, but more than that; …

Polygamy Survival Guide

Polygamy is often seen as the end of a happy marriage, but it need not be that at all. Take it from me, I’m a happily married first wife and I’m friend with my co-wife, Masha’ Allah; in fact she’s sitting in the same room while I’m typing this. Polygamy can work if the husband …

How Dating Leads To Bad Marriages

How Dating Leads To Bad Marriages

Nowadays more and more young Muslims are dating in order to get to know a future spouse. This is wrong in Islam and it will lead to many issues in marriage.

single women

For Single Women - When Prince Charming Never Comes..

“When I hit 33, I actually posted my profile to a Muslim matrimonial website. That was the beginning of the end. I felt so much shame when I did it, not because my parents were unaware — they had actually encouraged me to ‘do whatever it takes before it’s too late’ — but because I wondered what was wrong with me.”


Marriage Today: Single Men in Age Delusions

“Not more than 32.” “I don’t feel any inclination to marry a girl over 30.” “She should be a good cook.” “Is she pretty? Is she thin? Is she fair?” “We won’t mind if she works and contributes to the household budget.” “What is her height?” “She should have done O & A levels, because …

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