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How to Get Married - Without Dating First!

How to Get Married - Without Dating First!

On February 10 2018, Shaykh Daood Butt gave a presentation at the first Marriage Conference ever held in Kenya on how to make marriage a ‘lifelong honeymoon.’ While in Montreal, Shaykh Daood was involved in various Da’wah activities including lectures and khutbah in English, French, and Arabic. In 2015 he was awarded Imam of the Year …

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Is Marrying The Most Religious Person Always Best?

Short Answer: No, not always. Compatibility and chemistry are also extremely important. A key thing is to remember that not everyone has the same (or even a correct) view of what “religiosity” and “good character” means. “We prioritize religion and good character with a sound understanding of what it means to be religious, and with a sound …

May We Wish to Marry in Islam

May We Wish to Marry in Islam?

Salam Dear Shereen, Thank you for trusting our page with your dreams. We wish you and all Muslims joyful lives in stable homes. Your question implies that you’re probably a teenager, so I’m proud of you for your maturity, choosing to consult before getting involved in a relationship. May Allah always guide you to what pleases …

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