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When I First Put On Hijab

When you embrace Islam and discover the beauty of it, you think all other Muslims see it as you see. You think all other Muslims are struggling to follow the right path and that they’ll be all so kind and so nice to you.

Islam is Not Just Rituals: Love is at its Core

We can thus see that the heart, which most people consider to be the abode of love and compassion, is the seat of the religion of Islam. Purification of the heart is very closely related to purification of the soul.

Falling in Love with Islam

Things between my mother and I have changed. We have solved our differences and her fear has now changed into genuine interest. I also bought her a small book, entitled Islam for Beginners and it seems to help her a lot.

Wishing Islam for My Parents

What causes these strong emotions regarding our parents? Why are we not happy, even if they are happy worshiping other than God? Why can’t we just let them be? If they disbelieve, it doesn’t take anything away from our hereafter.

The Triangle of Inner Peace: Shining Examples

I learned from Maryam that amazing things didn’t happen to/for Maryam because she was superhuman. She was as human as you or me. But that Allah provided for her in amazing ways because Maryam devoted herself to being amazingly virtuous.

The Triangle of Inner Peace

Once we realize there is no one who will care better for us than our Lord, no one who is closer to us than Allah, can we realize how much we should love Allah.

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