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What Would You Do for Love?

As an American Muslim girl who went to public school throughout my youth, I myself often worked through the natural struggle of physical attraction to non-Muslim (and Muslim) classmates.

7 Types of People Allah Loves Most

7 Types of People Allah Loves Most

Allah made it obligatory upon Himself that He will love everyone that loves another person for the sake of Allah. Let me ask you how many people that you truly love for the sake of Allah? The Prophet Muhammad said: On the Day of Resurrection, there will be…

How Did the Prophet Muhammad Treat Women?

How Did the Prophet Muhammad Treat Women?

I read about the man who supported his wife Khadija in business enterprises and who respected her and who loved her. I thought of the man who sought her advice when he returned from the cave of Hira after his first encounter with Archangel Gabriel.


She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

In this counseling answer: •My suggestion is to be clear as to what you want, purify your intentions, be definitive in your invitation, request a clear response, accept Allah’s decree as His will and move on with your life. •Do not allow this relationship and this situation to create any further turmoil in your young heart. Situations …

Isn’t it Time to Repent? An Inspiring Story

Isn’t it Time to Repent? An Inspiring Story

The story goes that one day Al-Fudayl was climbing a wall, either to meet the woman or to watch a caravan and plan a robbery when he heard verse 16 of chapter 57 being recited. It was as if God was speaking directly to him and asking “isn’t it about time…

How to Ignore My Crush on My Mentor?

How Can I Ignore My Crush on My Mentor?

In this counseling answer: • Naturally, when someone puts effort into helping you and invests their time in you, such as a mentor, you will develop feelings towards them. • He does not necessarily have ill feelings towards you, but he wants to protect you both from potentially falling into haram by putting a stop …

Love for Allah

Love For Allah Does Not Come Cheap

How to strengthen your love for Allah? This inspiring speech elaborates on the love relationship that develops between Allah the Almighty and His servants. It describes the ways to nurture and this relationship and and illuminates the reciprocal nature of this lofty love. The speech goes further to discuss the love between Muslims and Prophet Muhammad …


Are You Looking for Love? (True Experience)

How would you describe L.O.V.E.? For you what is L.O.V.E.? These are frequently asked questions in all ages and in all places. For sure, each one has his/her own description. Each one  has his/her own encounter with this very meaningful word that makes the entire world go round… But could someone really grasp its full …

I am currently involved in a relationship with a Muslimah through SMS messages. It has taken us far and I have just proposed to her through SMS.

SMS Messages Are Taking Me Too Far

In this counseling answer: • At times, trickery or deception is behind the online character; it is not uncommon for individuals to fantasize and misrepresent themselves. • You should meet several times in the presence of a third person and to get to know each other well. It is likely that the women you meet …

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