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Love for Allah

Love For Allah Does Not Come Cheap

How to strengthen your love for Allah? This inspiring speech elaborates on the love relationship that develops between Allah the Almighty and His servants. It describes the ways to nurture and this relationship and and illuminates the reciprocal nature of this lofty love. The speech goes further to discuss the love between Muslims and Prophet Muhammad …


Are You Looking for Love? (True Experience)

How would you describe L.O.V.E.? For you what is L.O.V.E.? These are frequently asked questions in all ages and in all places. For sure, each one has his/her own description. Each one  has his/her own encounter with this very meaningful word that makes the entire world go round… But could someone really grasp its full …

I am currently involved in a relationship with a Muslimah through SMS messages. It has taken us far and I have just proposed to her through SMS.

SMS Messages Are Taking Me Too Far

In this counseling answer: • At times, trickery or deception is behind the online character; it is not uncommon for individuals to fantasize and misrepresent themselves. • You should meet several times in the presence of a third person and to get to know each other well. It is likely that the women you meet …

I'm Still in Love with My Cousin

I'm Still in Love with My Cousin

In this counseling answer: • You can learn from this mistake by making sure that you keep all your actions halal by refraining from free mixing or being alone with another man as we are told to by Allah (swt) to ensure that you never fall into this situation again. • Pray all the voluntary prayers, fast …

5 Reasons Why Life is So Beautiful

5 Reasons Why Life is So Beautiful

We should all try to leave the world a better place than we found it. This is another one of the beauties of life – that we can use the time that we have to improve the world for other people and to make life even more beautiful in the process. We can all agree…

This Man Converted to Islam to Marry Girl of His Dreams

When Bogart Lamprey told his family that he converted to Islam, they were “definitely not excited” “They thought I was going to go and join ISIS,” Mr Lamprey said. But the reason behind the 32-year-old’s conversion was remarkable: despite vastly different cultures and family values, he had found love CANBERRA – Seeing Noora Al Matori, …

Learning How to Love For the Sake of Allah

Learning How to Love For the Sake of Allah

Loving for the sake of Allah is a selfless love. It’s doing something for someone with no wish for anything in return. Better still, it’s doing something for someone we don’t even particularly like but doing it solely for the pleasure of Allah.


Why Not Celebrate Valentine's Day? It's All About Love

I grew up in a conservative Muslim family in the United States. Except for my early years as a child, we did not celebrate birthdays. We never celebrated Christmas. We didn’t do anything special for Thanksgiving. New Year’s Eve was never a proper big deal. But we always went all out on Eid. Eid was …

The Valentine's Day Traps of New Muslims

The Valentine's Day Traps of New Muslims

New Muslims usually learn very quickly that in Islam love has a different approach than it did before accepting Islam. Since in Islam, we do not “date” and intermingle with the opposite sex, it can cause a new Muslim to feel lost in their “journey of love”…

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