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How to Know That Your Love is Purely for Allah?

Love for the sake of Allah is attaching your heart to Allah and being kind and gentle to His creation. It’s loving those who bring you closer to Allah. Love for the sake of Allah means you want the best for your loved one and you want them to be the best they can be.

5 Prophetic Steps to a Happy Marriage

The Prophet would spend quality time with his spouse. He didn’t live a separate life under the same roof. He would go on walks with his wife, travel with his wife, and seek her advice. He would engage in stimulating conversation. When was the last time you took spouse out for a nice dinner?

when Allah Begins To Love You

When Allah Begins To Love You

Allah loves certain things and has made them obligatory. When we do these it will push us to do the voluntary things util Allah begins to love us. When he does beautiful things happen.

Loving Jesus or Muhammad- Can I Have Both?

Loving Jesus or Muhammad - Can I Have Both?

I never felt I had to abandon loving Jesus exchange for following Muhammad. I could have both. In fact I had the best of both worlds: loving Jesus, while following Muhammad’s teachings without assigning divinity to either. I felt I was a winner!

Premarital Relationships — Why Not?

Premarital Relationships — Why Not?

Why not engage in premarital affairs? How would you answer this question? As a young Muslim, do you feel this question is relevant to you at all? Have you discussed it with your friends? Is it a question you have thought about? Do you understand why not? If you are uncertain about how you would …

sexual attraction

Is Sexual Attraction A Sin?

Read part one “As you grow,” my father said, “your bodies will start to change.” Listening attentively, my brothers, sisters, and I sat on the carpet of the living room opposite to our parents. It was just after dawn, and we were all having the morning class that my parents held for us each day …

I Never Met Him But, I Fell In Love With Him

I Never Met Him But, I Fell In Love With Him

In this counseling answer: The counselor advises that if the both of you are serious about marriage, the both of you will find a way to meet in person as well as your respected parents. If you do not believe that your relationship can go the next level, then I advise you to discontinue chatting with …

I Love a Classmate Can I Talk to Her

I Love a Classmate: Can I Talk to Her?

I love one of my classmates for the last six months. I have fallen in love with her with my 100% honesty and I haven’t any intention to flirt with her. Moreover, we just talk on Facebook or Whatsapp. Is it okay in Islam? Please, answer.


Spiritual vs. Romantic Love

There has been a tendency to mix between romantic and spiritual love, with a mistaken belief that both are just two faces of the same coin. While I agree that both emanate from the same sacred fountain of life, with an objective of creating enjoyable and serene atmosphere, there is a clear distinction between them. …

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