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5 Steps Help us Increase in Piety (Video)

5 Steps Help us Increase in Piety (Video)

Fear of the Lord means living our lives with an eye to what God Almighty wants. It’s as simple as that. We don’t do bad things because we don’t want to displease Almighty God. Similarly we don’t do bad things, we don’t want to be punished. We want to enter the Paradise…

I Thought Religion was to Control me

I Thought Religion was to Control Me!

The more I pray the more I turn to the Lord, the more I just try to understand how beneficial the religion is. In the Quran, for example, for every struggle you’re going through, there is something in there that relates to it, if you open your heart to relate to it.

How I Came to Love the Prayer as a Muslim

How I Came to Love the Prayer as a Muslim

I had begun to pray but the most important hurdle still remained – how was I going to fit so many prayers into my schedule. I was in my last two years at school, so I had to work hard which meant I had to do homework and study when I got back home.

Divine Providence- The Art of Seeing

Divine Providence: The Art of Seeing

While the connection between the divine and the natural world was lost on me back in college, the kind of seeing I was made to do in art school did help open a door for me to accept the existence of a creator. As art students, my colleagues and I were taught…

How to Know Our Lord

To know Allah is to stand between His Hands, feeling He is what He is and you what you are. You, with your bare reality, are undecorated, without any pretenses. And He, with His Sacred Self, is absolutely perfect, and free from any defect, want, or insufficiency. You, as you really are…

It’s Nice to Be Nice

“It’s nice to be nice” – such a common phrase, almost everyone knows it. But it begs the question… is it? Is it nice to be nice? How many times have you made the effort for someone to ignore you, treat you bad or take advantage of your niceness?

How to Control Our Love for this Dunya?

The Powerful Message from God to Muhammad

How was one man, Muhammad, able to stand alone in the face of the whole world – or at least in the face of the Arabian Peninsula – at the beginning of the Islamic call? With what power was he able to stand alone in the face of all the chiefs of Quraysh and their body of beliefs…

A Powerful Du’a to Remove Sadness of the Heart

Who doesn’t experience moments of sadness? Who has never battled out with a sin? Who was in a relationship and he struggled to cut out that relationship? Who was financially bankrupt? We are experiencing one or the other. What are the words that we are to say when we are in pain? They are words of humility to Allah. How much Allah loves these words.

3 Best Times for Asking Allah's Forgiveness

When we seek Allah’s forgiveness wholeheartedly, we get it. Allah praises those who seek His forgiveness and promises them that He will forgive them. Of course, part of doing so wholeheartedly is to refrain from the sinful behavior…

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