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Muslim Leads London Mayoral Race

Despite rising Islamophobia across Europe, London could have its first Muslim mayor soon as Sadiq Khan leads the mayoral race to become Europe’s second Muslim mayor after Rotterdam in the Netherlands elected the first in 2009.

Muslim Kickboxer Teaches Women Self-Defense

Facing harassment herself because of her hijab, a female Muslim kickboxer in Milton Keynes is training other Muslim girls and women in Muay Thai boxing and self-defense amid increasing anti-Muslim attacks.

London Awaits First Muslim Lifestyle Show

Thousands of Muslims are awaiting London’s first Muslim Lifestyle Show, planned later this month, which will promote Muslim culture, products and services from around the world.

UK Closer to Islam than Muslim World: Scholar

Sitting next to a cardinal and a rabbi in an interfaith discussion, a prominent British Muslim scholar has argued he feels London is a more Islamic city than much of the Muslim world.

South London Rapper Finds Islam

The Creator wants us to worship Him. Bilal wanted to impress God by everything he did because when he dies he knew that is what is going to count. Bilal knew for certain that bad deeds will not impress God.

Muslim Santa Claus Visits London Homeless

Spreading joy among the needy, a Londoner Muslim has decided to spend a very different Christmas by giving gifts to the homeless people in London who did not expect a Muslim Santa Claus in 2016.

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