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Londoners Carry On #WeAreNotAfraid

As a nation, we are fortunate that the fifth terrorist attack this year in London, while causing disruption and injury to 29, did not cause the large scale panic intended by terrorists actions.

Halal Food Festival Back in London

Visitors gathered on Sunday, August 19, at London’s Tobacco Dock during the London Halal Food Festival, which takes place on 19 and 20 August in London, United Kingdom.

Sir Mo Farah Concludes Amazing Journey

After seven years of wonder, 10 global golds in a row and a silver to finish, Sir mo Farah has concluded a successful journey in London, making his famous “Mobot” on the top of London eye.

British Mosque Faces Rising Islamophobic Attacks

Ringing alarm bills over the rise of anti-Muslim attacks, a British Muslim leader has warned that Islamophobia has reached unprecedented levels since late Ramadan attack targeting worshippers at Finsbury Park mosque.

London Muslims Scared to Leave Homes

Recent reports of acid attacks targeting British Muslims have spread panic among the religious minority, with many reporting attacks on social media with accompanying warnings for “people of Asian appearance” to be vigilant.

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