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British Mosque Faces Rising Islamophobic Attacks

Ringing alarm bills over the rise of anti-Muslim attacks, a British Muslim leader has warned that Islamophobia has reached unprecedented levels since late Ramadan attack targeting worshippers at Finsbury Park mosque.

London Muslims Scared to Leave Homes

Recent reports of acid attacks targeting British Muslims have spread panic among the religious minority, with many reporting attacks on social media with accompanying warnings for “people of Asian appearance” to be vigilant.

Who Are the Victims of Grenfell Inferno?

As the hope of finding new survivals in London’s Grenfell tower fire diminishes, the number of victims who lost their lives has sharply increased, as estimates say at least 58 people have died and scores remain missing.

Grenfell Tower Residents: Thank You for Ramadan

An enormous blaze engulfed Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road in north Kensington in the early hours of Wednesday, June, Muslims awake for suhoor were among early responders, who rushed to save lives of their neighbors.

Muslims Raise Funds for London Tower Fire Victims

few hours after fire ripped through a west London tower block, British Muslim charities rushed to raise funds for the families affected by the tragic incident, who were evacuated safely from their homes.

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