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Love for others what you love for yourself

Love for Others What You Love for Yourself

Being able to love for your brother or sister what you love for yourself is a characteristic every true Muslim should train their heart upon. What does this mean? Firstly it is the golden rule; treat others how you want to be treated. You don’t want to be backbitten, so don’t backbite others.

A Lesson from the Life of Satan

Satan used to be one of the top notch worshippers of Allah. In fact, his quality of worship was so good that Allah honored him with a place among the angels. And he was there doing his worship until Adam (peace be upon him) was created. When Adam was created all the angels were asked to bow down to him…

Get to Know Surah Yusuf - with Brother Nouman

Think of it: If Yusuf was not in prison, and he did not meet those two prisoners, then a drought would have happened, regardless, but there would not have been someone to give the suggestion that Yusuf gave…

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