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Surrender to God

How Do I Surrender to God?

Short Answer:  There is an inspiring verse in the Quran known as the verse of The Throne. When you understand the meaning of this verse, it will help you to surrender to Almighty God who created all things. Also remember that we are truly submitting to Him when we prostrate ourselves to Him in prayer. …

pillars prayer

What Are The 14 Pillars of Prayer?

Short Answer: The scholars teach us that the prayer has 14 pillars that must be completed for the prayer to be accepted. These include various steps and conditions of the prayer, including intention, focus, following the correct order according to the example of Prophet Muhammad, and more. Peace be upon you dear questioner, Thank you for …

prayer positions

Are The Prayer Positions Different For Women Than Men?

Short answer: No. There is no difference. Women and men are both commanded to pray exactly like Prophet Muhammad did. There should be no added compression in the body when going into sujood, or in any other position. This idea comes from culture, not religion. Salam dear sister, Thank you for your question. We highly appreciate your concern …

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