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Why Didn't Prophet Muhammad Designate His Successor?

Salam Dear Sara, For your question, let us first start with your statement that many of the sahabah (companions) did not attend the funeral of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). If what you meant was that some of them did not attend his actual burial, that fact is very true. In fact, the actual burial …

Teamwork in Islam: Living in a Muslim Team

The binding of team work in a Shura is essentially check and balance. Everyone plays a role for the betterment of society and leadership is essentially a responsibility, not a luxury, as seen in many countries today.

Three Young Companions Empowered by the Prophet (PBUH)

Three Young Companions Empowered by the Prophet (PBUH)

In a time when our young generation has lost their sense of direction and moral compass in life, it is high time that we study the life of the Prophet Muhammad. It is anticipated that by doing this, we will be able to reorient ourselves to that which is healthy and productive for both, our youth, and our world.

Suhaib Webb: What Makes a Muslim Leader

Suhaib Webb: What Makes a Muslim Leader

What does the ideal Muslim leader look like? When does a leader take initiative and when is it better to take the back seat? How does one continue work in the midst of burnout? Why should Muslim youth invest in developing their skills and talents? Why is it especially important at this time? Join Imam …

The Quran Tells Who the Believers Are

The Quran Tells Who the Believers Are

The Qur’an is not a storybook relating stories from the past, nor is it only a book of wisdom. It is a book of guidance. Muslims believe also that if anyone wants to understand a given issue, the Qur’an should then be consulted. Amazingly, one of my mentors used to read the whole Qur’an for …

Arizona Muslim Doctor Gets Leadership Award

A Muslim physician from Tempe, Arizona, will be honored by a leadership group for her efforts in educating and developing women through mentorship in a group she founded seven years ago.

Part 2: How Islam Fights Hunger (30 Verses & Hadiths)

Part 2: How Islam Fights Hunger (30 Verses & Hadiths)

Analyzing the problem and coming up with suitable plans and policies is an essential role that the state is responsible for. In Surat Yususf, Allah recounts the action plan offered by Prophet Yusuf to the governor of Egypt to weather an expected famine.

Why should anyone be led by you? Leadership Credibility and Islamic Values

Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?

If you are one of those who are trying to change the world but wonder where to start, probably answering this question is a good idea. Go down deep inside yourself, beyond your university degree, career title, and the 2-3 letters that may exist on your business card (whether you have an MBA, PhD, MD, …

Prophet Muhammad - The Spiritual Leader

In his spiritual leadership, the Prophet Muhammad represented the best servanthood by showing his followers in his prayers how to be in awe of God, how to be humble, how to prostrate with deep feelings, and how to cry to God at night.

Raising Yourself from Humanity to Spirituality

Indeed, one of the most prominent attributes of great spiritual guides is the ability to trigger energy within those who approach them, releasing their hidden powers to serve the ultimate truth, each according to his gifts.

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