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Faisal Kutty: Outspoken Canadian Muslim Lawyer

INDIANA — Faisal Kutty is a lawyer, academic, writer, public speaker and human rights activist. The renowned Canadian Muslim figure is also regarded as outspoken on issues of human rights, Islamic thought, and anti-terror legislation. Kutty also co-founded the Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association and served as its first legal counsel; he also served as …

Presidential Support for Veiled Lawyer Called to Nigerian Bar

Praises Pouring In for Muslim Veiled Lawyer Called to Bar

ABUJA – Acknowledging her strong determination, praises have started pouring in for the Nigerian veiled Muslim lawyer, Amasa Firdaus, for her successful call to bar after she had challenged the restriction on hijab during call-to-bar ceremony, Daily Post reported on July 10. In addition to many Muslims who have voiced out their admiration of Firdaus for …

Hijab OK’d for Muslim Barred from Call to Bar

Hijab OK’d for Muslim Barred from Call to Bar

LAGOS – A female law student barred from Nigeria’s call to bar in 2017 for wearing the Muslim head covering has been asked to attend the 2018 ceremony. Anadolu Agency reported on June 21. Firdaus Amasa was denied access to the call to bar ceremony in Abuja, the capital city of the Muslim West African …

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