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Harassed at School for Being Muslim: What to Do?

Short Answer: First, focus on preparing your children and helping them deal with their daily reality. Then, consider having a meeting with the principal and your childrens’ teachers to discuss your concerns, making sure you earn their respect. Remember: your childrens’ educators may never meet another Muslim family, so you are ambassadors for Islam and for …

How Islam Prohibited Intoxicants

How Islam Prohibited Intoxicants

Realism is one of the characteristics of Islamic Shari`ah. One of the proofs of realism in Islamic Shari`ah is considering the law of gradation in legislation, which is regarded as one of the basic factors of facilitation in Islam. When the `Ibadat (i.e. acts of worship) such as salah (i.e. prayer) and siyam (i.e. fasting) …

The Spirit of the Law

It is with sincere intentions we so often cling to such a strict interpretation of the religion. As is so often the case in these situations, balanced Islam saved my friend from her extremist practice of Islam. What happened to make her adjust her thinking?

The Laws of Happiness

An important element for every Muslim to find ultimate contentment in life, no matter how difficult the circumstances are, is to strike a balance between this worldly life and the next life.

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