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Lauren Booth: A Convert’s Festive Xmas

This is my seventh festive season as a Muslim. It is also the second year I have joined Tracey and Aminah in Sheffield for a traditional Christmas with (almost) all the trimmings, and none of the downsides.

Muslim Lifestyle Expo: Where Muslim Millennials Shine

The Muslim Lifestyle Expo (MLE2017) is a toddler in business terms. Launched in 2015, it should now be in the midst of the ‘J-Curve balance,’ beset by issues, commercially struggling, before gradually maturing into a market place contender.

Should A Revived Islamic Spirit In the UK Scare You?

Last weekend saw the UK premiere of the Canadian success story ‘Reviving the Islamic Spirit’ (RIS). This hit tour is now in its 14th year, combining esteemed religious speakers and praiseful performances, reflecting on the realities of life in the Western context.

A Truly English `Eid... With Lauren Booth & Haris J

Eid Al-Fitr or the “Festival of the Breaking the Fast” 2017 will go down in my family history as the Muslim celebration where English sausages finally made it onto the menu alongside a large portion of fun.

Helping Refugees, Turkish Muslims Embrace their Role as Modern Ansar

Nizip was not the first time I had been rendered speechless by conditions in a refugee camp. In 2005, I experienced the atrocious conditions endured by internally displaced Palestinians living in slum cities, from Ramallah to Gaza. Two years later, I had the misfortune of visiting Sabra and Shatilla. These the twin hell holes today house 22,000 human beings.

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