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British Muslims: “Punish A Muslim Day” Presents A Lesson

LONDON – April 3 2018, the day British Muslims realized we had (thankfully) been the subject of a sick prank. The dreaded “Punish A Muslim Day” flopped. Nothing bad happened. Three weeks earlier, a few dozen idiotic printouts had been pushed through the letterboxes of Muslim homes in Birmingham, Leicester, London, and Sheffield. An unknown …

AboutIslam Clears Mystery Surrounding UK’s First Muslim Mayor

MANCHESTER – Christina Longden is a descendant of a 19th-century tea merchant and Alderman Robert Stanley. Stanley’s successful projects in the 1870s are well documented, as he played a key role in the building of the market hall and the establishment of local parks in Stalybridge, near Manchester, during two tenures as mayor. What was …

Thousands Gather In European Cities To March Against Racism

LONDON – Thousands of people have gathered at anti-racism marches in cities across the UK and Europe including Paris, Copenhagen and Glasgow, protesting the activities of far-right groups and anti-immigration policies. The annual event which is organized by Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) brought together campaigners, civic society and Parliamentarians. At the London protest, speakers …

Men-Only Masjids: Are They Mosques At All?

BIRMINGHAM – Shaykh Fadel Soliman is an international speaker, filmmaker and presenter of Islam. The Bridges Foundation of which he is Director has distributed over 300,000 free DVDs of its films to non-Muslims with the aim of sharing good information about Islam with different communities. Shaykh Fadel has a Master’s degree in Shariah. He spoke …

Lauren Booth: A Convert’s Festive Xmas

This is my seventh festive season as a Muslim. It is also the second year I have joined Tracey and Aminah in Sheffield for a traditional Christmas with (almost) all the trimmings, and none of the downsides.

Muslim Lifestyle Expo: Where Muslim Millennials Shine

The Muslim Lifestyle Expo (MLE2017) is a toddler in business terms. Launched in 2015, it should now be in the midst of the ‘J-Curve balance,’ beset by issues, commercially struggling, before gradually maturing into a market place contender.

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