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Being Muslim and Korean – A Combination That Surprises Many

When my airplane finally landed in Incheon at the world’s most advanced airport, I felt very excited. Not only was it the first time for me as a German citizen to travel that far, I also knew that this journey would be something special — a Muslim spending five weeks in South Korea, a country that is …

Either This Quran Is a Lie or It Is the Truth

Either This Quran is a Lie or it is the Truth

What a bold statement! I said to myself, “Either this book is a lie or it is the Truth”. But as I read, it became very clear to me that there is no falsehood in it. I was not able to put it down, I read and read through the whole night. I was shocked and amazed, I said to myself: “This is simply the Truth”.

Korea Encourages Muslim-Friendly Restaurants

CAIRO – In a plan to attract more Muslim tourists, a South Korea state-run tourism promotion agency is encouraging local restaurants to seek a “Muslim-friendly certificate” to be able to serve halal food.

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