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The Importance of Seeking Knowledge

Converts - Seeking Knowledge is Power

While discussing the struggles of new Muslims falling into deviant groups, Khadijah Jenkins, an American revert, stated: “The importance of gaining knowledge is to keep us from becoming prey to deviation.” New Muslims fall victim to their own ignorance…

Imam Abu Hanifah Seeks Knowledge (Part 2)

Imam Abu Hanifah Seeks Knowledge (Part 2)

Part 1 | Part 2 The incident that directed Abu Hanifah to frequenting the scholars is narrated by all of his biographers. He recounts the incident himself: “One day, I passed by [`Amir] al-Sha`bi who was seated. He called me and asked: “Where do you go?” I named a merchant whom I was going …

Admitting Ignorance Leads to Knowledge

Admitting Ignorance Leads to Knowledge

Arrogance is a major barrier to discovering and embracing the truth. In this video, Dr. Mohamed Ghilan reflects on one verse that speaks about this barrier. He explains how admitting we know nothing is the way to learn and gain knowledge.

Is Modern Science Compatible With Islam?

Whether Islam and modern science are compatible or not is not a straightforward question. There is no doubt that Islamic principles encourage knowledge and its pursuit. What could however be of doubt is this equivalence that we sometimes assume between knowledge attained through modern science, and knowledge that is praised in Islam. Can we consider …

How to Feel God's Peace in This Life?

How to Feel God's Peace in This Life?

It is astonishing that some people who invoke God by this noble name live their lives in contention and hostility towards the world. Every aspect of their lives is full of strife, from within themselves, to their outward behavior, in their thinking, and with their families. How can such a person find peace with the Lord?

Reverts - 4 Steps Will Help in Your Path of Knowledge

Reverts - 4 Steps Will Help in Your Path of Knowledge

When seeking knowledge, reverts must strike a balance that helps to maintain the various aspects of their lives while learning at the same time. This can be achieved with careful scheduling and time management skills to ensure that your quest for knowledge continues…

I Am Holier Than You... Really?

"I Am Holier Than You" ... Really?

With the advent of social media, especially with religious slur-sharing and holy tweets, it is easy to fall into the trap of feeling a little holier than the next Muslim, and arguably, scholars are no more (if not more) susceptible to this mindset, as compared to “lay-Muslims”.

Love Science

Encouraging Muslim Kids to Love Science

Knowledge about the universe and the human body has been central to the message of Islam since its very beginning. In fact, Islam is not a stranger to education and science. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself urged all Muslims to seek knowledge. Muslim men and women are constantly urged to be the best they can be, …

How To Learn Islam Properly

Learning is not just about storing information like many learn to do. It is about learning the knowledge and then acting upon that knowledge. This is the way to learn Islam properly.

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