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How Can I Help My Child with Nightmares?

The best age to introduce religious concepts is still controversial amongst the specialists. However, concepts of evil and the hidden should not be introduced early.

sleeping problems

What to Do If Your Toddler Doesn’t Sleep Well

It is hard to function at optimum levels with lack of sleep. As mothers, we may forgo sleep for reasons, but we are not really helping our family if our lack of sleep is preventing us from running the house or dealing with problems effectively.

My Kids Distract Me from Worship, What to Do?

My Kids Distract Me from Worship, What to Do?

Q: My worship has dropped a little since my kids have come along, what should I do? Family is hard work, and it’s common for both parents to struggle in balancing spiritual needs and familial obligations. There’s a famous narration where one of the companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was …

How to Help Kids with Nightmares?

In this counseling answer: •Find the source of the nightmare. •Ensure the bedtime routine is one that calms your child down. This routine should begin at least two hours before bedtime. •Do not let your child watch television or read stories about topics that might be scary. •A nice story can be soothing, though. So …

Tips to Be a Good Example For Your Kids

Tips to Be a Good Example For Your Kids

Your children will learn without you instructing them that at the time of Adhan nothing is more important than the prayer. They will happily follow in your footsteps and fulfill performing the Prayer. This is why you find a one year old child falling to Sujud…

When Should I Start Teaching Quran to My Kids?

When Should I Start Teaching Quran to My Kids?

As parents, if not all of us, most of us want our kids to memorize the Qur’an. It is a dream that each and every Muslim parent has. What is the right time to start teaching Quran to them? At what age? Is there any specific technique to it? More About Learning and Reciting Quran: …

How to Cope with Child Loss

How to Cope with Child Loss

One of the greatest tests that one may go through is child loss. Perhaps it is the most distressing moment for a parent when he/she helplessly sees his/her kid passing away. It could be a devastating experience that turn’s one’s life upside down. How to deal with such a critical situation? Sheikh Omar Suleiman answers …


School Homework Could Be Effortless!!

The traditional scene in many homes is the daily quarrel and nagging about completing the child’s homework. Mothers complain all the time about how they spend hours of their precious lifetime trying to reinforce their children to complete their assignments. The mothers’ sacrifice could reach the extent of not going out nor doing any personal requirement just …


My Son, the Computer Addict

In this counseling answer: “I believe it is important to set limits for the child and stick to them. For example, perhaps you can set a limit of one to two hours per day of video games, AND THAT’S IT. If the child is not disciplined, it will do irreparable damage to him later on.” As-Salamu …


Important Lessons Our Kids Aren’t Taught at School

So I sat down on my own to plan the materials I would share with my kids. They needed to learn values like God consciousness, courage, kindness, compassion, generosity, discipline, love for animals and the environment, and many others.

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