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How to Cope with Child Loss

How to Cope with Child Loss

One of the greatest tests that one may go through is child loss. Perhaps it is the most distressing moment for a parent when he/she helplessly sees his/her kid passing away. It could be a devastating experience that turn’s one’s life upside down. How to deal with such a critical situation? Sheikh Omar Suleiman answers …

The Prophet’s Care for Children

These 9 Lovely Hadiths Show Prophet’s Care for Children

Children are a great blessing from Allah. With their tender hearts, children can be molded into righteous people only with a positive and tender approach. Islam considers children to be an amanah (trust) given to the family and says it is fard (obligatory) for the family to raise a child in a righteous manner. One should …


Moms' Guide on How to Choose a Good Nursery

“Hey honey, let’s carry your bag and go to the nursery. A loud cry is heard, and your little baby keeps begging you not to go, saying he wants to stay at home At this moment, you get a harsh feeling of guilt that you should stay with your kid all day and make him …

Love Science

Encouraging Muslim Kids to Love Science

Knowledge about the universe and the human body has been central to the message of Islam since its very beginning. In fact, Islam is not a stranger to education and science. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself urged all Muslims to seek knowledge. Muslim men and women are constantly urged to be the best they can be, …


Quitting Job For Kids; Will I Turn A Nobody?

“And then I turned into nobody.” Leena talks about moving from a high flying, well-paying job, to simply staying at home. Her family was mortified. As the eldest of seven siblings, and all of them either in University or already a professional, her mother’s disappointed resonated through and through while visitors came to see Leena …

Kids Islamic Quiz

Let your kids take this short Islamic quiz! It is a fun way to test their knowledge and help them learn about Islam.

Story Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) For Kids

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the last messenger sent by Allah. He lived a normal existence up until he was 40 years old when he first received revelation. Let your kids watch this important story!


My Son, the Computer Addict

As-Salamu ‘Alaykum,  Balance is an important lesson that we have to teach our children from the time they are born. We have to use a combination of restrictions and limits, especially on things like TV (e.g. only one hour per day allowed), in addition to providing them with ideas, motivation and examples on how to …

little hands

Little Hands Around the House

You see them everywhere – on the walls with crayons, in the fridge with hungry bellies – across the room, unearthing the Lego. They are even on your computer, patting happily away at the keyboard and sometimes on the screen. Any mum would know these little hands have truly a hand at causing mayhem and …

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