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Your Concentration in Prayer Will Improve After This 60-Second Video

One Tip Will Improve Your Concentration in Prayer

Are you unhappy with your level of concentration in prayer? Do you get distracted easily? Do you need a push to be more focused? Got 60 seconds? Do something today your future self will thank you for. Listen to this quick down to earth video by  Brother Saad Tasleem. More about concentration in Prayer: …

How to Love Prayer (Special Folder)

Prayer - The Spiritual Ritual (Special Folder)

Salah or the Islamic prayer is a unique ritual and a form of worship that Muslims must perform daily. It’s more about the many postures and words we say in the Salah; prayer requires the heart to be aware of what is performed because it’s the one to one appointment with God…

9 Things Muslims Think About While Praying

9 Things Muslims Think About While Praying

Usually the non-Muslim boss might walk in and see you praying, call your name a few times and then leave. As soon as you explain the situation, they’ll probably understand. Muslims who pray at work tend to overthink on many situations where their…

7 Things Distract Our Khushu in Prayer

7 Things Distract Our Khushu in Prayer

Prayer without khushu is like fire without warmth. It does cover your obligation of praying as a Muslim, but it does nothing more. Therefore we need to take some steps in order to make our prayers meaningful. One of these steps is removing distractions…

Developing Khushu' is Learning a Life Skill

Developing Khushu' is Learning a Life Skill

17 years in practice and I am still in a constant fighting with my mind as khushu’ slips in and out during prayer. Sometimes it feels like everyone has this down and I am the only sad sack that is still trying to get it right. I am a child at the salat while everyone else has matured vastly in their practice…

How to Avoid Lack of Concentration in Prayers

How to Avoid Lack of Concentration in Prayers

Many a time do people get distracted from their prayers, thinking about worldly affairs. Does this affect the reward of their prayers? And what should they do to avoid lack of concentration during prayer?

To 'Perform' or to 'Establish' Prayers?

To 'Perform' or to 'Establish' Prayers?

No one can deny the importance of as-Salah as it is one of the things emphatically or unequivocally known to be part of the faith of Islam. However, though most of us realize this fact, do all of us establish or properly perform the as-Salah as it is prescribed by Allah the Almighty? Or, do …

How to Have Khushu' (Humble Submission) in Prayer

How to Have Khushu' (Humble Submission) in Prayer?

Short Answer: To get into a state of true presence in the prayer follow these 5 tips: Pay attention to the Qur’an you’re reading, recite and ponder deeply on Surat Al Fatihah, make dua in prostration or after your prayer, diversify the surahs you recite in prayer and confide in Allah (SWT) like you confide …

increase focus prayers

How Can I Improve Focus and Spirituality During Prayer?

Salam Dear Sabah, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Many Muslims are aware they could pray in a better manner so you are not alone in your concerns. The point, as you say, is what can be done about it? Prayer Is A Relationship Prayer in Islam is a pillar …

Prayer is Not Only a Ritual

Khushu is the soul of the prayer; that meditative state one goes into when s/he enters the prayer. The person becomes calm and enjoys the proximate relationship with Allah by moving slowly and pondering on every verse one recites.

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