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mistake prayer

What Should I Do If I Made a Mistake in Prayer?

Short Answer: Prevention is the best medicine: one way to avoid such mistakes in prayer is to be mindful in making wudu, mindful in starting your prayer, and mindful while praying. Remember: sometimes Satan loves to trick us into thinking we’ve made a mistake when we didn’t, just to distract us. In the event you’re sure …

eyes closed prayer

Maintain Focus: Can I Keep My Eyes Closed During Prayer?

Salam dear sister, Thank you very much for your question. We would like to congratulate you on becoming Muslim. You have taken a decision that you will never regret. We pray to Allah the Almighty to help you remain steadfast in your faith. Prayer is Our Connection to God Islam gives much attention to a …

relationship Allah

How Do I Build a Relationship with Allah?

Short Answer: Remember He is closer to you than anyone or anything in the world, and He loves you more than anyone, and He is even more merciful to you than even your own mother can be. Check the details for practical tips that will bring you closer to Him. __________________________________________ Salam, Thank you for …


How to Focus in Prayer?

Short Answer: Follow three steps to increase your focus: if you have bad thoughts from Shaitan during salah, spit dryly on your left side, try to pray salah in congregation and seek more knowledge of the deen. _________________________________________ Salam, Thank you for contacting Ask About Islam with your question. All praises to Allah, your zeal in …

connection prayer

Praying Like a Robot: How Can I Get Closer to Allah?

Salam Dear Nuh, Thank you for your question, which concerns a matter of central importance to every Muslim: how to feel the effects of our worship, make it fruitful, and observe its impact on our lives. It is interesting that you used the word “robotic”. A robot is a machine with a human-type body that …

Can Watching Movies Impact Iman?

Salam Abduselam, If you watch movies regularly and the movies obviously don’t boost your spirituality, but rather include inappropriate scenes, language … etc, then this will certainly affect your spirituality and take away your focus in prayer. Try to cut out the movies because you already know and you noted that it is affecting you …

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