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Islamic Prescription for Racial Discrimination (Part 1/2)

Islamic Prescription for Racial Discrimination

{I am better than him: You created me from fire and You created him from clay} (Saad 38: 76) This was an infamous racist statement made by Satan, or the Devil, in his arrogance and disobedience to Allah. The story of Satan and Adam is a clear demonstration of how dangerous racial superiority can be …

4 Years On, Family of Three Slain Muslim Students Looks for Justice

Sunday marked four years since three Muslim college students were killed at a Chapel Hill apartment The man accused of their murders has still not gone to trial Initially, police said the killings may have been the result of a parking dispute but the families believe was a hate crime. NORTH CAROLINA – Four years …

"I Have A Dream" Let Your Imagination Run Free

"I Have A Dream"... Let Your Imagination Run Free

A truly beautiful dream never dies. This is because it does not just revolve around oneself. It includes others and is not selfish. The true promise of Allah’s reward sustains our hopes even in our worldly activities, even when we know that they will not provide…

Relations Between Muslims and Non-Muslims

Muslims and Non-Muslims Relations: The Basic Rule

Islam has not left any aspect of life without its required guidelines. For each aspect, it sets a basic rule, which is in harmony with the basic rules of the other aspects, to indicate in the end, that there is only one Creator and one perfect Legislator. The basic rule usually functions as an axis …

This is Why You Should Forgive People

This is Why You Should Forgive People

Why did I say that don’t tell people, ‘I will meet you on the Day of Judgment’? Because that was one case that you had with one man. Now, come all the other cases that you have, another three and a half thousand cases that you have… When Allah looks at…

The Honor of Being Muslim

Being Muslim Is Honor.. Imam Basyouni Explains How

Being a Muslim is a choice, it cannot be forced. Islam addresses our emotions, reason and heart. Why should we submit ourselves to Allah, and to the order of the messenger of Allah? What are the values that Islam focuses on? Imam Waleed Basyouni answers the above questions and more. More Links:

Moderation in the Quran

Moderation in the Quran

One characteristic of the Qur’an is moderation or harmony between the divine and human, the spiritual and the material, the individual and the collective, and so on. The Quran pays due attention to all facts of life and all needs of man, and deals with them in such a way as to help man to …

A Prayer for Pardon

A Prayer for Pardon

Pardon me for the wavering of my heart and the hesitation of my tongue. Bestow Your grace upon me by giving me the firm resolve to do what is right, engage in righteousness, and remain free from sin.

Rights of Workers in Islam

Rights of Workers in Islam

Workers rights issue is a very important topic and it should be discussed in detail by Muslim scholars. There is a great need for developing specific rules and legislations for governments and corporations in the Muslim world. The full and proper implementation of these rules is also needed. To explain briefly some basic values and …

deity care

Would a Deity Care About Morals?

Short Answer: If God created the rational beings called humans, is it reasonable to conclude that after the creation of man, God stopped taking any interest in the welfare of humans? God has decided that human’s earthly life will be a test. And the test consists of how much one is able to abide by the morals …

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