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Judgement Day - Minor Signs

No one can deny Judgement Day will come. We don’t know when but there are signs. Here are the minor signs. Speakers Bilal Assad & Mufti Menk.

The People Who Laugh On Judgement Day

There will be people who laugh on Judgement Day. They are sinners, when asked why are they laughing, they will say we repented and our sins turned to good deeds.

Oh! I Wish That I Was Dust!

On the Day of Judgement, some of us will receive our books in our left hand behind our back. We will say Oh! I wish that I was dust and that death was the end of us.

time grave

What Will Our Time In The Grave Be Like?

Short Answer: It depends on how you live your life. The Quran verse you mentioned says nothing about rest or peace, but “sleep”. Just as your sleep can be restless if you don’t have a good conscience, your sleep in the grave before the Day of Judgment will either be peaceful or full of torment, depending …

How To Get Light On Judgement Day?

With every spot on our bodies that has been washed in wudu, light will shine from us on Judgement Day. We will need the light to cross the bridge to get to Jannah. This is how to get light on Judgement Day.

New Sign Of The Hour

New Sign Of The Hour

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told his companions of the day when we will have a sign of the hour. That will be when all righteous people will go away and those that are left will doubt everything. Powerful warning.

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