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Hajj journey within and without

Hajj - A Journey Within and Without

Hajj is primarily an inner travel, and when the pilgrims come from the most important of all the rituals of them all, the day of prayer at the Arafah plain, they come out as clean (inwardly) as newborn babies. It is a once-in-a-lifetime for most of us, when we get a chance like this, and as such, hajj is an extremely unique experience.

My First Hajj - Tips and Stories

My First Hajj - Tips and Stories

This was unlike any other experience. We had read that we would all be reciting the above words, but yet the actual experience of reciting it, all of us together, created an amazing feeling of unity. This is a feeling you seldom find in the Ummah on a daily basis…

Amazed By Muslim Women's Dress 1

Amazed By Muslim Women's Dress

I was more caught up in her clothing attire. It sparked my interest more than anything. My heart immediately desired to be like the woman. Pious and modest. So this is where my search began. I immediately got online and searched “Muslim Woman Dress”

Answers to the Questions That Brought Me to Islam

The Questions That Brought Me to Islam

For me it was an accidental journey. A journey that began with a national disaster; a time of national grief and pain; a time of accusations and blame; a time of forgiveness and healing. But most of all it was a journey of great learning and opportunity for change.

iftar Celebration Around The World!

Iftar Celebration Around The World!

Take a journey and have a look at the different ways we celebrate Ramadan iftar as Muslims from around the world! Take a look at the foods from different cultures!

Life as a Journey of Self-Actualization

When someone in real life embraces Islam and becomes a Muslim, he only comes back to what he had originally been and was always meant to be. He only sets things right again. He rediscovers himself. Thus, we do not say that a person converted to Islam…

Would God Make Me Speak Arabic?

“Do you have to pray in Arabic?” and one of the colonel said: “Yes it has to be in Arabic” So I asked him “Why would God demand that I speak a language that I can’t speak and I don’t understand?” So I left it then it put me off.

This Life is But a Journey

No matter how excellent any stop along the way is, or how much you enjoy the company of a new acquaintance, you will enable yourself to say goodbye. You will move on because you knew at the outset that you were never meant to stay. Your awareness of your true goal facilitates letting go.

Coming to Islam

Mansa Musa had chosen to place his vast West African empire firmly in the Muslim world and Islam was the state religion. His experiences at from Hajj taught him a great deal about Islam and when he returned he bought back with him, a library of Arabic books, religious scholars…

Journey Spiritual Seeker

The Journey of a Spiritual Seeker

I have always been a spiritual seeker and have been very dedicated to my spiritual path for my whole life but never felt comfortable claiming myself to be any one particular religion because with all of the religions I had studied, I never found one that really felt in alignment with the spiritual beliefs of my heart until I started learning about Islam.

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