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iftar Celebration Around The World!

Iftar Celebration Around The World!

Take a journey and have a look at the different ways we celebrate Ramadan iftar as Muslims from around the world! Take a look at the foods from different cultures!

Why Was the Qiblah Changed From Jerusalem to Makkah?

Every time we stand in Prayer, Muslims may say they make a spiritual journey to the Ka`bah in Makkah, somewhat as the Prophet did during his Night Journey to Jerusalem. And from the Ka`bah, our spirit travels upward towards Allah the Almighty just as the Prophet during his Ascension from Jerusalem.

Life as a Journey of Self-Actualization

When someone in real life embraces Islam and becomes a Muslim, he only comes back to what he had originally been and was always meant to be. He only sets things right again. He rediscovers himself. Thus, we do not say that a person converted to Islam…

The Muslim Prayer - Why Was it First Prescribed in Heaven?

Imam Hassan al-Basri said that:

“Prayer is actually the ascension of the believer.” Meaning if you want to ascend through the heavens the way the Prophet Muhammad did, then you ascend through that prayer. You speak directly to the one who spoke directly to the Prophet and we enjoy our conversations with Him.

Would God Make Me Speak Arabic?

“Do you have to pray in Arabic?” and one of the colonel said: “Yes it has to be in Arabic” So I asked him “Why would God demand that I speak a language that I can’t speak and I don’t understand?” So I left it then it put me off.

This Life is But a Journey

No matter how excellent any stop along the way is, or how much you enjoy the company of a new acquaintance, you will enable yourself to say goodbye. You will move on because you knew at the outset that you were never meant to stay. Your awareness of your true goal facilitates letting go.

Islam is Not Isolation - Seek Good Friends

While finding new friends is difficult, it is not impossible. We need close, long-term relationships; we need to be able to confide in others; we need to belong; we need to get and give support. In fact studies reveal that if we have five or more friends with whom to discuss…

Why Convert to a Troublesome Religion?

An interesting question to ask is why conversions to Islam continue to grow even as the US is becoming increasingly intolerant of Muslims. The answer, according to Asma Afsaruddin, professor of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at Indiana University, is that despite Islamophobia…

How Priest Jason Found Islam

I was what is known as a worker-priest, which means I had a job at the same time as I was doing my ministry. I had changed from working in corporate America to working in a behavioral health agency. My post was down the street from a Masjid. I thought that this was my chance to learn about Islam for my interfaith relations.

Coming to Islam

Mansa Musa had chosen to place his vast West African empire firmly in the Muslim world and Islam was the state religion. His experiences at from Hajj taught him a great deal about Islam and when he returned he bought back with him, a library of Arabic books, religious scholars…

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