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10 Hadiths About Hajj

10 Hadiths About Hajj

What did the Prophet (PBUH) say about Hajj? These hadiths are really beautiful; they highlight the reward of Hajj and How Allah welcomes His guests.

Jihad Is in the Bible: Omar Suleiman

As American Muslim activist Linda Sarsour faces increasing smear campaign over her use of the word Jihad, an opinion published by Texas Muslim scholar Sheikh Omar Suleiman on HuffPost defended Islamic terms as being hijacked by Islamophobes who impose their definitions, proving that the word Jihad is regularly used in the Arabic version of the Bible.

Linda Sarsour Receives Disturbing Rape Threat

American Muslim civil rights activist Linda Sarsour has bravely shared a disturbing rape threat email sent to her by a stranger, as she faces a vicious hate campaign over her use of the word jihad in a recent Islamic convention.

Sarsour: I’m Islamophobes Worst Nightmare

Targeted in a vehement Islamophobic campaign, American Muslim activist Linda Sarsour decided to speak out, publishing a Washington Post op-ed in which she blamed the outrage over her use of the word jihad on conservative media.


Who Is Linda Sarsour?

American Muslim activist Linda Sarsour has been targeted by right-wing and Islamophobic extremists in a manufactured “controversy” over remarks referencing “jihad” she made recently at a national Islamic convention in Illinois.

Muslim Group Pushes Back Against Hate Targeting Linda Sarsour

A leading American civil rights group called on people of all faiths and backgrounds to “push back” against an online smear campaign targeting Linda Sarsour using #IStandWithLinda hashtag against recent smear campaign targeting the nationally-known and respected Muslim community activist.

Linda Sarsur Targeted for Using the Word 'Jihad' & Scholars Respond

Linda Sarsour Targeted for Using the Word 'Jihad' & Scholars Respond

The Muslim US activist, Linda Sarsour, is being targeted over using the word ‘Jihad’ in one of her speeches recently. Speaking about protesting injustice and opposing unfair policies, Linda Sarsour quoted the Prophet’s hadith that the best form of Jihad is saying the truth to a tyrant ruler. The speech was delivered at the Islamic …

Muslim Scholars Refute ISIL's Ideology (Folder)

Muslim Scholars Refute ISIL's Ideology (Folder)

From time to time, Muslims are appalled by gross crimes that are associated with Islam because the culprits are affiliated to ISIL. The name of ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant), as well as its repeated talk about defending Islam and establishing an Islamic state, is used by media outlets, Islamophobic and hatred mongers …

3 Steps to Protecting New Muslims from Extremism

The challenge of extremism is widespread, complex and difficult. However, if we aim to work for the wellbeing of our community and to be inspired by a Prophet who was described as a mercy to all of mankind, we must address this topic.

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