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Missoula Celebrates Islam Week

Rejecting anti-Muslim sentiments, members of different faith groups in Missoula mountain valleys of western Montana are marking “Celebrate Islam Week” event later this month, to promote understanding of the world’s second-largest faith.

Prophetic Respect for Christians and Jews

The Prophet strengthened his relations with Jews by marrying a noble Jewish woman, Safiyyah who became the mother of the believers. The Jews of Madinah were involved in all the battles against Muslims, directly or indirectly, and secretly or openly. After this marriage, the Jews desisted from fighting against Muslims.

Muslims, Jews Volunteer to Repair Detroit School

The Michigan Muslim Community Council and Jewish Community Relations Council of Detroit come together to repair dilapidated facilities in one of Detroit’s public schools, Nolan Elementary and Middle School.

Ceremony of the Innocent: A Journey to Lands of BESA & Srebrenica

When people unite in the interest of doing good, as they did in Albania, they never unite on the basis of some physical attribute they all share, they unite on the basis of a shared value. But when men unite to do evil, they almost always do so on the basis of some attribute to which they can take no credit or blame. It is the frightening reality of our time that we are seeing degrees of racism manifesting itself in our culture and politics everywhere in the world, even in places we thought were impervious to such madness.

From Judaism to Islam

Once I opened up my mind to the possibility of the existence of God, I analyzed both atheist and theist beliefs. The thing that directed me to the latter was the quote “Every design has a designer”.

US Muslims to Double By 2050: Pew

A new estimate published on Wednesday, January 6, put Muslims’ number in the US at 3.3 million, about 1% of the population, expecting the number to double by 2050.

British Muslims Save Jewish Synagogue

BRADFORD – Extending their hands to their Jewish neighbors to save their worship place, Muslims in the northern British city of Bradford are rallying efforts to raise funds for preserving the last remaining synagogue in the city. “In Bradford we are working hard to bring people of different faiths together, and to support one another …

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