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Lost & Found Wallet Draws Muslim, Jew Closer on `Ashoura

LONDON – Just like millions of Muslims around the world, Shehroze Khan was fasting on Thursday, September 20, marking the Islamic festive day of Ashura on the 10th of the first Hijri month of Muharram. But he had what he described as “a bad day”, in which he had to play squash barefooted…and lost his …

The Prophet & The Power of Peace

The Prophet and the Power of Peace

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born into a society that had many of the major problems that we face today. And mended ties between neighbor, people and even his own enemies. He taught us how to turn those issues of strife into peace and security for everyone.

I’ll Go to Hell, but I’m Cool with That

One day, a friend of my husband asked me point blank: “When you die where are you going to go, Ann?” I paused, and reflected upon that statement for a few moments. I knew the answer…

Why Can’t a Muslim Woman Marry a Non-Muslim Man?

Every girl looks forward to her wedding day, to her dress, to new beginnings; actually, not all girls. A Muslim girl staring at her wedding dress, just learning that her wedding to a non-Muslim is not allowed in Islam, is torn between her religion and love. Why wouldn’t Islam allow such a marriage, anyway?

6 Proofs that Muhammad is a True Prophet

Quran is full of scientific facts that were verified only in these times of scientific investigation. No doubt that Muhammad who was illiterate would not have possessed this knowledge 14 centuries ago. Doesn’t this prove the authenticity of the Quran and that it is the Word of the Creator of the Universe who knows all its secrets?

The Beauty of Prophet Muhammad

“The Prophet did not have a very fleshy face, nor was it completely round, it was slightly ovalish. He had a whitish skin with a reddish tinge (as explained earlier this means lighter brown), his eyes were large with jet-black pupils and his lashes were long. his joints were large as was his upper back…

Anti-Semitism: What's It All About?

Anti-Semitism: What's It All About?

Salam Dear Muhannad, Thank you very much for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines anti-Semitism as, “The strong dislike or cruel and unfair treatment of Jewish people.” Perhaps, we can take this definition as the commonly held opinion among most Westerns. The word Semite originally refers to a …

Coming Home to Islam

This is what I had been searching for!!! That really was the last piece of the puzzle that fell into place. Everything I learned about Islam just seemed so natural to me. The expression ‘coming home’ really is the right way to describe the way I (& other new Muslims) feel when they accept Islam.

Was Islam Derived from Judaism?

Months passed and I had almost forgotten about Zenita, when suddenly she called and begged me to meet her at the Metropolitan Museum and go with her to look at the special exhibition of exquisite Arabic calligraphy and ancient illuminated manuscripts of the Quran.

From Shalom to Salam

When I told my husband what I was about to do, he was shocked and happy at the same time. He asked me if I was really sure about my decision, as if he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. I responded that I was never surer about anything in my entire life.

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