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A Bond of Prophethood: Were Previous Prophets Muslims?

A Bond of Prophethood: Were Previous Prophets Muslims?

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is strongly connected to all Prophets who were sent before him. He carried over the same message and led the same path of the Prophets from Adam till Jesus. He was the last sealing link in that blessed chain of Prophets. This connection is heavily stressed in …

5 Things to Know About Gog and Magog

5 Things to Know About Gog and Magog

Gog and Magog have been trying to break down the wall since the day it was complete. However, one day during the sovereignty of Jesus, an individual will rise from the tribe of Gog and Magog and he will be clever to break down the wall. That would be the…

Muslims Too Believe That Jesus Will Return

Muslims Too Believe That Jesus Will Return

The return of Jesus is a sign of the end times. He will clear all the confusion prevailing in the world regarding his life and mission. He will follow the law of God as perfected by the final Prophet, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The Night Journey - Sometimes It Causes Me to Tremble

The Night Journey: Sometimes it Causes Me to Tremble

I contemplate that. I imagine that I’m standing behind Muhammad (peace be upon him) and also gazing at the veil of light. And I long to have the veil lifted. I long to gaze in adoration at my Lord. But not yet. I’m still limited by my humanity, my corporeal being.

I was About to Suicide, A Video About Jesus Saved Me

I Was Suicidal, A Video About Jesus Saved Me

I was in a very bad place, suicidal. I was talking to someone that wasn’t there, asking for help for like three months… and I stumbled up onto this video on Facebook about Jesus. Whereas I thought Jesus was the Son of God, it was telling me that Jesus was a Prophet of God.

Jesus Between Crucifixion and Who Was Crucified

If Jesus Wasn't Crucified ... Then Who Was?

Salam (Peace) Dear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. The whole issue is about what really happened and not about making up a story so everyone is satisfied. The verse you quoted clearly states that Jesus (peace be upon him) was not crucified: {That they said (in boast), “We …

What Did Jesus Teach Us?

Think about Prophet Jesus (PBUH). Think about his teachings. Think about what Jesus teach us? He taught us to be generous to the poor, he taught us self-belief, he taught us how we should serve our mothers. #JesusTaughtMe

What Do You Know About Easter Traditions?

Where does the Easter message of rebirth come from? Is the resurrection story singular to Christianity? How does a bunny play into the prophet’s message? And why are eggs a central symbol of the celebration? All that comes along with the Christian holiday…


Tell Your Kids the Story of Jesus

Many times in the year while Christians celebrate their religious occasions like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, Muslim parents might face some questions raised by their children about Christianity and Jesus Christ. These occasions are the best time for Muslim parents to educate their children about other faiths and how Muslims respect other people’s beliefs. It’s …

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