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10 Lessons from the Grandparents of Jesus

10 Lessons From the Grandparents of Jesus

It’s quite interesting that even the grandparents of Jesus (peace be upon him) are mentioned in the Quran, albeit briefly. We know that his maternal grandfather was called Imran, but not much else is known about him. We also know that his maternal grandmother…

Why Muhammad Didn't Die for Muslims' Sins

5 Reasons Why Muhammad Didn't Die for Muslims' Sins

Why did not Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) die for the sins of Muslims? Is not he the mercy to all? Indeed, Prophet Muhammad is a mercy for all peoples; yet he did not die for anybody’s sin. The simple reason is that Islam does not recognize the concept of the original …

Muslim Prayer Postures Found Bible

Muslim Prayer Postures Found in the Bible

Once we understand the connection between all the Prophets of God it is not surprising to learn that they all prayed in basically the same way. What is surprising is that even though there are descriptions of prayer in the Bible, Christians and Jews no longer pray the way their own Prophets prayed.

Linked by Their Love for Prophet Jesus

Linked by Their Love for Prophet Jesus

Prophet Muhammad believed that his followers would be well looked after if they migrated to a country whose religion was Christianity, a scriptural religion whose Prophet was Jesus son of Mary. The migrants set off on their hazardous journey carrying with them a letter of introduction for the King.

What Do Muslims Believe About Jesus?

What Do Muslims Believe About Jesus?

Unbeknownst to most non-Muslims who revere and love Jesus, he is one of the many Prophets whom God has mentioned repeatedly and specifically in the Quran. God has described many of His praiseworthy attributes in the Quran, in addition to the details of the events in his life, as well as those of his mother, Mary.

Jesus Not Muhammad

Birth Announcements: Why Jesus Not Muhammad?

Short Answer:  The real answer to your question lies in what we accept as the real revelation. The Quran and the four chosen Gospels do disagree on some points. Muslims see the Quran as the final revelation of Almighty Allah to mankind. It confirms and corrects all that had gone before. The Quran calls mankind to …


What Is the Meaning of "Messiah" According to Islam?

Short Answer: Muslims accept the Jewish belief that there were prophecies about the coming of the Messiah. They also accept the Christian claim that Jesus of Nazareth, son of Mary, was the expected Messiah. Muslims however deny the Christian belief that Jesus was the Son of God. The word messiah in the Old Testament means “to smear, anoint, or …

5 Verses in the Bible Led Me to Islam

5 Verses in the Bible Led Me to the Quran

Words do not adequately describe the extraordinary effect that this book had on me. Suffice to say that the very same magnetism that had drawn me to the Gospels at the age of 11 was present in a new and deeply imperative form. This book was telling me, just as I could tell Jesus had been telling me…

Surat Maryam: A Family's Source of Spirituality

Surat Maryam: A Family's Source of Spirituality

Getting married, having a family, raising cute children are all beautiful and natural instincts that Allah has put inside us. In Surat Maryam, this tendency is discussed  while adding the spiritual dimension to the father-son relation. What is your real intention behind marriage and having children? Did you plan for your children’s hereafter, as well as …

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