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Muslim Prayer Facilities Debut on Japan's Tomei Expressway

SHIZUOKA – Islamic Prayer facilities have been set up  at expressway service areas in Japan along popular routes to cater to Muslim visitors ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Asahi Shimbun reported on March 27. “Last year, we received inquiries from Muslim tourists about a washing space, but we …

More Muslim Prayer Rooms Open in Japan

HIROSHIMA – As Japan installs more prayer rooms to serve the growing number of Muslim tourists, the number of worshippers using it is still limited due to lack of awareness and difficulty of access, Japan Today reported. “It is difficult to promote the room,” an official at a shopping mall in Hiroshima Prefecture, western Japan, …

Muslims Visiting Japan Offered 'Wagara' Hijab to Match Kimonos

TOKYO – Kimono rental stores are offering Muslim visitors to Japan a chance to rent hijab with matching colors to get their holiday’s best shots after a recent increase in the number of tourists visiting the country, Japan Today reported. “We have a lot of Muslim customers and we thought that having a wagara hijab …

In Japan, Cancer Patients Find Comfort in Halal Nail Polish

TOKYO – A Japanese woman helping cancer patients in hospitals has found comfort in using halal manicure to raise the morale of patients, seeing it a safe product to be used without badly affecting their health. “I lost my mother to stomach cancer back in 2010,” Hitomi Goto, who gives manicures to patients at a …

Japanese Muslims Celebrate Ramadan

There are not many Japanese Muslims so celebrating Ramadan can be a little difficult. However, it does bring the Muslim community together!

Japanese Businesses Go Halal to Attract Muslims

Catering to the rising number of Muslim tourists, suppliers and travel agents in Japan are obtaining halal certification and converting their rest rooms into prayer rooms to break the record of 24 million arrivals received last year.

Tokyo's Mosque Spreads Peaceful Islam

In a country whose population are mostly followers of Shintoism or Buddhism, Tokyo’s Camii mosque is doing a unique effort to help the Japanese people see the true mission of Islam, a video report by Press TV says.

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