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Japanese Businesses Go Halal to Attract Muslims

Catering to the rising number of Muslim tourists, suppliers and travel agents in Japan are obtaining halal certification and converting their rest rooms into prayer rooms to break the record of 24 million arrivals received last year.

Tokyo's Mosque Spreads Peaceful Islam

In a country whose population are mostly followers of Shintoism or Buddhism, Tokyo’s Camii mosque is doing a unique effort to help the Japanese people see the true mission of Islam, a video report by Press TV says.

Why Ramadan is a Big “WooW” for Japanese

I was lucky enough to personally meet non-Muslim Japanese who are fasting for the whole holy month, just like a Muslim would do. This actually leaves my mouth wide open and keeps me thinking.

Japanese Comics Help Syrian Refugee Kids

The Arabic translation of Japanese manga comic books about a young child striving to fulfill his dream have become a rare solace for young Syrian refugees, giving them a chance to dream of a better future of their own.

Islamic Fashion Flourishes in Muslim-Friendly Japan

As Japan prepares for 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Muslim fashion exporters are vying to enter the Japanese market for “modest” clothing, capitalizing on the success of halal products for years in the Asian country.

From Japan to Malaysia - How I Found Islam

I met a Japanese Muslimah when I did a part-time job as a Japanese-Malay translator at an event. I told her I wanted to become a Muslimah and I asked her why she reverted to Islam. My heart became full of love for Allah after listening to her revert story…

My Story Began Just after a Car Crash

When I returned to the US, I happened to get into a car accident, and heard about a mechanic who could fix my car at his home inexpensively. When I took my car to him, his wife invited me to sit inside and have some tea with her…

Two Japanese Women Become Muslim

The Japanese people are missing a major component of a happy life, despite their technologically-advanced civilization. I believe that great numbers of them would enter Islam in if they had the proper understanding. They are looking for such answers…

Marriage Leads Women to Islam

Although some women reverted with no thought of marriage, many more reverted to Islam to marry Muslims; the center reports a record number of 40 marriages between foreign Muslims and Japanese women reverts this year.

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