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Getting to Heaven: Who Is Eligible?

Short Answer: The idea of Heaven in Islam and who is going to dwell in it has fallen between two extremes. One is similar to Christianity which says that as long as you have belief in God in your heart, then you are destined to enter Paradise. The second extreme is that whatever you do in …


Will I Love Jannah? Is it Worth the Struggle?

Short Answer: The actual double loss is for those who didn’t know or connect with Allah. This life is temporary and it will end abruptly at any second. Having piles of worldly enjoyment never really bring deep happiness to people, and many studies prove that. The more you have from this life, the more you’ll feel …

Peace in Paradise - What You'll Never Find in This World

Peace in Paradise - What You'll Never Find in This World

The one thing about Paradise that entices me more than anything else is something that absolutely cannot be found in this world. It has never existed here, and will not exist in the future, either. It is the thing that drives me to keep working for Jannah…

How Fear of Hell Fire Wins You Paradise

How Fear of Hell Fire Wins You Paradise

This inspiring talk takes you in a journey to the beautiful, blissful gardens of Paradise, Jannah. Sheikh Kamani, as he describes Jannah, elaborates on some necessary steps to win it. How to turn fear of Hell fire, the opposite of Jannh, into a positive force that draws us closer to Allah and maximizes our chances …

Make Things Easy For People

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told his Companions, upon sending them to Dawah mission, to make things easy for people, and to talk to people more about Jannah and the halal, rather than focusing only on Hell and Haram. Too many of us concentrate on the Haram and Hell! This is not what the Prophet (PBUH) taught us!

Much Chaos

What’s the Point of this World? Why Is There So Much Chaos?

Short Answer: We understand you are suffering and going through hardship brother, but know that this will not go unnoticed and this will not go unrewarded. Allah will reward you for every second of hardship if you’re patient and continue to seek Him. Things WILL get better here, and you will be compensated with no limits …

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