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Istikharah Answer

Istikharah: How to Read the Answer?

Short Answer: The guidance sought is usually felt within the heart, rather than sensed by any of our physical senses, or dreamed while in a state of unconsciousness. Muslims should always be striving to purify the state of their inner senses in order to be more capable of interpreting and receiving Allah’s guidance. ______________________________________ Salam …

How to Make Istikhara for Marriage?

How to Make Istikhara for Marriage?

Answer: Wa ‘Alaikum Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh dear brother, Firstly, let me reassure you that you did the right thing to stop meeting with each other to avoid falling deeper into zina. Meeting with a sister alone outside of marriage is forbidden in Islam for this very reason; that it can lead to zina. …

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