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Ramadan is Not the Month of Loneliness

Ramadan is Not the Month of Loneliness

One reason my first Ramadan was so special was that I never broke my fast alone, and I was only at home for iftar twice. Every other night we were either invited somewhere (or I tagged along), or else we went to the masjid, where always at least a few sisters were breaking their fast.

Alone in Ramadan

Alone in Ramadan (Poem)

Where is everyone? While I am alone in Ramadan. In a foreign country without anybody, Allah must have sent away everybody.

Reflection – The Profound Step in the Journey to Allah

Reflection - The Profound Step in the Journey to Allah

This step is about isolation and reflection. This is a profound way to come closer to Allah (SWT), and to actualize what we did in the previous steps. The repentance, the awe, the sincerity could be actualized by isolating yourself and reflecting.

Ramadan is Not the Month of Loneliness

Islam is Not Isolation - Seek Good Friends

While finding new friends is difficult, it is not impossible. We need close, long-term relationships; we need to be able to confide in others; we need to belong; we need to get and give support. In fact studies reveal that if we have five or more friends with whom to discuss…

Just Converted - Where is the Peace That Islam Offers?

Just Converted - Where is the Peace That Islam Offers?

To embrace the peace that Islam offers, we must accept that this world is a very imperfect place peopled with very imperfect human beings. This is not to say that this Creation is not truly miraculous, filled with breathtaking beauty and wonder…

Christmas For New Muslims: Don't Isolate Yourselves

Christmas time is fast approaching us and for many new Muslims this is a very difficult time. We are faced with dilemmas: should we go and sit with our families? Should we not? What many born Muslims don’t understand is that this time is full of traditions…

6 Tips for New Muslims to Overcome Isolation

One of the biggest issues most new Muslims have to cope with at some point is a feeling of isolation. They are in-between worlds; they no longer fit comfortably in the non-Muslim world and they haven’t yet found their place in the Muslim world.

New Muslims: Why Celebrate Eid?

Eid is a group celebration. Celebrating as a group bestows a sense of belonging, something crucial to feeling fulfilled. Many converts feel isolated from their community and refuse to even attend Eid prayer, citing that a lot of born Muslims are guarded when it comes to converts.

Tolerance in Islam and Among Muslims

Salam (Peace) Vanessa, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. I am glad to hear that you are reading about Islam in order to better understand your husband’s religion. I hope that your husband is likewise reading about Christianity in order to better understand your religion. Islam does, in fact, teach Muslims to be …

I Feel Isolated

I Feel Isolated because of Being a Muslim

 Answer: As-Salam ‘Alaikum S, Let’s separate the issue of “isolation” from worries about what other people think about us when we choose to practice our faith regardless of what faith that happens to be. If you are integrated into an Islamic family and you are actively practicing Islam, then I would also like to know whether you …

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