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UK Muslim Students Reveal Shocking Abuse

British Muslim schoolchildren have revealed the torrent of Islamophobic abuse they receive on a daily basis in a harrowing video shared by The Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

Muslims, Islamophobia and Social Reform

Muslims, Islamophobia and Social Reform

The way to combat Islamophobia is for Muslims to go beyond their isolation within their communities and local issues, and contribute to the moral reform of society itself and the wider cause of social justice. In this video, Dr. Jasser Auda explains why it is important for Muslims to adjust their strategies and become part of …

Canadian Muslims Give Good Samaritan Best Xmas Ever

Canadian Muslims have crowdfunded for a gift for Jake Taylor, an ordinary Canadian who intervened during the violent Islamophobia-motivated assault of a young Muslim woman, giving him the best Christmas gift ever.

McDonald's Apology Not Enough For Hijabi Teenager

A Muslim teenager who was told to remove her hijab before entering a McDonald’s because it posed a “security threat” said that the restaurant’s apology was not enough in the face of rising hatful atmosphere.

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