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Muslims in Trump Era

Muslims in Trump Era (Special Coverage)

Following the presidential elections, a wave of anxiety has hit the Muslim American community as well as other minorities mainly due to rising well documented cases of violence, harassment and hate in light of the election.

Seattle Kids Learn to Resist Islamophobia

Seattle Kids Learn to Resist Islamophobia

Amid reports of increasing hate crimes across the US, dozens of young people in Seattle attended a special workshop to learn how to resist discrimination, hate and Islamophobia.

Dalia Mogahed

Strategy of the Muslim Community after the 2016 Elections - MAS ICNA

What is the expected impact on civil rights and civil liberties as president-elect Donald Trump prepares his cabinet? What steps should the American Muslim community take to ensure not only Muslim rights but the rights of other marginalized groups? In this video, Dalia Mogahed discusses one of the most controversial events in modern American History …

Personal Code of Ethics

In a Post 2016 Election World: Identify Your Personal Code of Ethics

If we’re going to be totally honest with ourselves, it doesn’t look like things are getting any easier for the Muslim-American community any time soon.  Or at least the next 4 years…possibly 8, and even if the President-elect only serves a single term, the ramifications of his soon to be Presidency have already hit the …

So It Can Be Said Of Me

Did the Muslim Vlogger Fake Delta Incident?

As the reaction to YouTuber Adam Saleh being removed from a Delta Airlines flight spreads across the internet, his account of what happened is being questioned. Not only as he is a known prankster, but the fact that his visibility has shot up to now over 2.3 million subscribers as a result of this incident.

People Revolt Against Delta Airlines for Kicking Muslim Vlogger

People Urge Airlines Boycott for Kicking Muslim Vlogger

A video showing alleged incident in which YouTube American Muslim star Adam Saleh was kicked off a plane for speaking Arabic has sparked anger on social media, with many vowing to boycott Delta Airlines, which was accused of being ‘racist’.

Muslims in media

What’s Wrong with Muslims’ Representation in Western Media?

Events of recent days have shown the murder of a Russian diplomat, a truck driving through a Christmas market in Germany, and an attack in a mosque in Switzerland. How the media responded to all three incidents speaks volumes about the modern day bogeyman, the Muslim.

Muslim Parents Address Racism, Islamophobia

Muslim Parents Address Racism, Islamophobia

WASHINGTON – A new video featuring the sad, beautiful, and inspiring words of Muslim parents speaking open-letter style, to their children has been released by a digital media group in the US, helping Muslim parents to address challenges facing their kids. Jubilee Project, a digital media group producing short films, PSAs and documentaries to inspire …

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