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Islamophobia Haunts UK Muslims in Workplace: Report

Painting a disturbing future for young Muslims in the UK, a new report has revealed that members of the religious minority are less likely to succeed in the workplace with many reporting experience of Islamophobia, discrimination, and racism.

Young Muslim Americans React To Islamophobia

Young Muslim Americans React To Islamophobia

When ever an attack happens in the name of Islam, many Muslims in the West are forced to explain time and time again that this is not Islam. It can be very difficult for them. These young Muslim Americans react to Islamophobia.

5 Tips to Cope with Bullying & Intimidation

5 Tips to Cope with Bullying & Intimidation

Although the challenge of dealing with the bullying and intimidation that Islamophobic prejudice fuels is one faced by all Muslims, whether they were born into the faith or they are new to it, the challenge faced by New Muslims is more complex. They are sometimes…

What Is Islamophobia?

Islamophobia has increased massively since 9/11. This is a very good video that explains in simple terms what is Islamophobia. It is a very important video to share!

Linda Sarsour Receives Disturbing Rape Threat

American Muslim civil rights activist Linda Sarsour has bravely shared a disturbing rape threat email sent to her by a stranger, as she faces a vicious hate campaign over her use of the word jihad in a recent Islamic convention.

Linda Sarsur Targeted for Using the Word 'Jihad' & Scholars Respond

Linda Sarsour Targeted for Using the Word 'Jihad' & Scholars Respond

The Muslim US activist, Linda Sarsour, is being targeted over using the word ‘Jihad’ in one of her speeches recently. Speaking about protesting injustice and opposing unfair policies, Linda Sarsour quoted the Prophet’s hadith that the best form of Jihad is saying the truth to a tyrant ruler. The speech was delivered at the Islamic …

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