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US Muslims Go Online to #ResistRacism

Amid rising marginalization of Muslims and immigrants, Muslims across the US remain steadfast in their endeavors to resist racism, with many seeing racism and oppression as antithetical to Islamic teachings, towards which they have an obligation to extinguish inside and outside of Muslim communities.

Dearborn Film Screening Fights Islamophobia

A film tackling Islamophobia and immigrants was screened on Saturday, May 13, in Dearborn, Detroit, as part of a cross-country event involving more than 50 screenings in about 25 states in May, to show solidarity to Muslims and immigrants.

US Muslims: Assault on Muslim Student by Teacher a Travesty

School officials fired substitute teacher Oghenetega Edah for threatening to and then ripping off the hijab of 8-year-old student Safa Alzockary. Edah, 31, commanded Alzockary to remove her hijab. When the student refused, the teacher ripped the religious head covering from her head, causing injury to her right eye.

Four Muslim Women Punched in Sydney Univ.

Four Muslim students were assaulted by a woman who punched them in the face outside the University of Technology in Ultimo on Wednesday, leaving one victim with a bloodied mouth.

US Report Reveals Sharp Rise in Anti-Muslim Attacks

A new report released Tuesday, May 9, by a leading American Muslim civil rights group warned that anti-Muslim bias incidents in the United States have increased by 57 per cent over the past year, giving an image of the daily life Muslims were going through in their country.

US Muslim Shopper’s Harassment Condemned

A Facebook video showing an American woman’s racist attack targeting a Muslim shopper has stirred angry reactions, as the number of harassment complaints targeting Muslims in the US doubled to 10 folds compared to last year.

French Muslim: Why Macron Must Win

Emilie, a French Muslim revert, has a hard choice to make in the French presidential election. The concern is shared by almost two million French Muslim voters, who will have to choose between the centralist, ex-banker, Emmanuel Macron, and the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen.

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