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Impressive Health Benefits of Apples

Islam’s holistic approach to health includes treating our bodies with respect and nourishing them with, not only faith, but also with lawful, nutritious food. A major part of living life according to the Creator’s instructions is implementing a suitable diet. Choosing wholesome food and avoiding the unwholesome is essential to good health. God says in …


Unwanted Relation between Stress & Big Belly

Young or old, thin or big, many Muslims are getting a paunch and have to bear some feelings of heaviness in the abdomen. But aside from being a nuisance, having a big belly can also lead to serious diseases.

Muslim Contribution to Modern Science Highly Questionable

What contribution have Muslims made to civilization and science in the 20th – and now the 21st – century? Sure, Muslims have claimed several accolades as proof of their contribution to scientific prowess. One of the latest major examples of that was 15 years ago when the Egyptian chemist Dr. Ahmed Zewail won the 1999 Nobel Prize. …

Lunar Calendar

Scientific Pros of Lunar Calendar

When Al-Bara’ was asked, “Was the face of the Prophet (as bright) as a sword?” he answered, “No, but (as bright) as a moon” (Bukhari).

Scientific Enterprise

Scientific Enterprise in Pre-modern Muslim World

Dr. Asad Ahmed is an associate professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies in the department of Near Eastern Studies at the University of California, Berkeley in the USA. Ahmed specializes in early Islamic social history and pre-modern Islamic intellectual history. He holds a special focus on the rationalist disciplines, such as philosophy, logic, and astronomy. His …

Modern Science

Young Muslim’s Guide to Modern Science

Professor Nidhal Guessoum wrote a book, tentatively named The Young Muslim’s Guide to Modern Science, which tries to harmonize the teachings of Islam with the study of modern science. Guessoum is a professor of Physics and Astronomy at the American University of Sharjah in the UAE. He worked as a post-doctoral researcher at NASA’s Goddard …


Tobacco Crimes Against Non-smokers

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in its 2007 report that nearly half the people who smoke regularly will eventually be killed by tobacco. What is very alarming, however, is that hundreds of thousands who have never lit a cigarette are also killed each year by tobacco. The culprit is passive smoking. Most smokers know …


Tazkiyah in Age of Psychotherapy

This is an interview with AbdelRahman Mussa, the founder of iPersonal Enrichment newsletter and the Whims-I-Kill Tazkiyah course. AbdelRahman Mussa is both a graduate of Shari’ah and a therapist with more than 11 years of experience and his background in da’wah (Islamic spiritual activism). Q: Tazkiyah – It is the process of purifying the soul …


Islamic Roots of Modern Pharmacology

Around the 8th century, one man took it upon himself to dig deeper into this amazing world of chemistry. A long forgotten historical figure, Khaled Ibn Yazeed came from the house of the Umayyad Caliphate. It was very unusual for a man in his social and economical stature to adopt such an unrecognized profession. However, his …

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