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Islamic Schools & Tuition Fees: US Muslim Parents Make Tough Choices

NEW YORK – Autumn marks a time when US Muslim students and their parents settle into the school year. Shifts into Fall studies are the result of careful preparation and some hard decision making by Muslim parents, who must assess and decide on optimal education options for their children. Some parents choose to send their …

Inside Wales Only Islamic School

CARDIFF – Wales’s only Islamic primary school is set to celebrate 20 years of success in instilling morals and values of the faith in its students, as well as engaging with their neighbors at a time of rising Islamophobia. “It’s a happy school. In a lot of aspects, it is the same as any other …

Hate Group Targets Swedish Muslim School

An Islamic school in Vällingby district in the western part of Stockholm Municipality has accused a far-right group of targeting its facility with hateful posters, spreading fears among young pupils.

First Muslim Educator Receives Golden Apple Award

Teaching for thirty years, an American Muslim educator has become the first parochial Islamic school teacher to receive a prestigious Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching, raising the spirits of her students.

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