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Islamic Reasoning

Islamic Reasoning Behind One's Action

Short Answer: Decisions that we as Muslims make in our daily life activities, should be in accordance with what is acceptable to God. Hence, all aspects of our life is governed by what pleases Him. God has laid down certain principles for us to follow that entails how we eat, to how we dress, etc. As …


Why Don’t You Pray? - A Sincere Question From Your Soul

To my dearest lover, Before anything else, I want you to know how deeply I care for you. You are my life, and I share every bit of joy, every ounce of pain and every shred of fear that you feel. Your dreams are my hopes, your aspirations are my wishes, and your worries, I’ll …

4 Spiritual Benefits That Prayer Grants You

4 Spiritual Benefits That Prayer Grants You

Making the connection with your Lord in prayer and releasing all of the woes occupying your mind is a proven stress reliever that instills a sense of calm in a believer and helps to alleviate the stress associated with daily life.


Unexpected Places Where Muslims Pray

Because Muslims are encouraged to pray in congregation. Prayer is made very easy in Islam, so that a person can pray whenever and wherever he wants. He just needs to have a clean space enough to stand and bow down. A popular photo project celebrates the unexpected places Muslims pray: the basketball court, an airport …

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