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Irish Muslims Want Government Engagement

Leaders of the Irish Muslim community have urged the government to become more engaged in their fight against radicalization, rising concerns over recent deportation pledges by the Irish Minister for Justice and Equality.

No Adhan on Irish TV During Ramadan

The Irish national television (RTÉ) has turned down calls by a prominent Muslim scholar in Ireland to broadcast a call to prayer at iftar time during the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

Irish Muslims Overcome Sectarianism

Worshipping Allah side by side, the Muslim community in Northern Ireland has overcome ethnic and sectarian divisions, offering a role model to Muslims worldwide.

UK Reschedules Exams For Ramadan

The British authorities’ announcement of implementing a new measure to benefit Muslim students, who will be fasting Ramadan during summer school exams, has been drawing mixed reactions, with some politicians calling it a “pure belligerence”.

Ireland Tops World in Islamic Values

A new survey by a leading US academic has found that Ireland leads the world in embodying Qur’an teachings of justice and Islamic values in a list where Western societies came at a leading position ahead of many Muslim-majority countries.

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