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Muslim Invites Burglar to Scrambled Eggs, Conversation

When Stefan Boyle broke into a Dublin mosque armed with a knife to steal whatever he reaches, he did not expect to meet the Muslim caretaker Ali Yassine, who sat down with him and shared scrambled eggs after finding him hiding under a table inside the mosque.

When The Caliph Helped Ireland - Untold History

Muslims have helped many people over the centuries and often it is forgotten. In the 19th Century the Irish faced a very grave famine where many people died. They were under British rule at the time. The Ottoman Sultan helped out the people of Ireland at this time. Find out how.

A Very Irish Muslim

It was amazing to see such a mosque built in Ireland considering that it’s the largest Islamic center in Europe.

Irish Technology Institute to Mark World Hijab Day

A Technology institute in Waterford, south-east of Ireland, will be hosting a special cultural event to mark the World Hijab Day next February 1, inviting students to don the hijab and chat with successful Muslim women who wear the Islamic attire.

Dublin Imam Urges Irish Families to Host Refugees

The imam of Dublin mosque urged the Irish families on Friday, January 13, to help the newly-arrived Syrian refugees to integrate in the society, a few hours before a special welcome event at the Islamic center.

Muslims Top Education Levels in Ireland

A new research has found that Muslims in Ireland are better educated than general population, achieving the highest average of years of schooling in the European country.

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