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`Ashura’ and Human Brotherhood

`Ashura’ and Human Brotherhood

Every year, Muslims mark `Ashura’ on the 10th day of Muharram. The day of `Ashura’ is not only celebrated by Muslims, but other faith communities. Jews for example, used to celebrate this day too. Also, Quraysh (Prophet Muhammad’s tribe) used to fast on the day of `Ashura’ in the pre-Islamic period. Moreover,  Allah’s Messenger too used …

Wisconsin Churches Wish Muslims A Blessed Ramadan

MADISON – Wisconsin Council of Churches (WCC) have reached out to its Muslim neighbors in Madison with a greeting message to welcome the holy month of Ramadan. “With limited time to advertise, this year the WCC decided to start small by printing 100 signs that read ‘To Our Muslim Neighbors, Blessed Ramadan’, and invited churches …

West London Synagogue Hosts Ramadan Iftar

LONDON – Welcoming Muslims and Christians, Jews at the West London Synagogue have brought together a diverse group of faiths to enjoy an interfaith Ramadan iftar, celebrating years of a special relationship. Beginning with the early evening prayer, guests came together for a healthy meal where the hosts, who follow the theology of Reform Judaism, …

With Coffee & Love, Muslims Counter Hate in Arizona

TEMPE, Arizona – Islamic centers in Tempe, Arizona have organized several interfaith love events to bring people closer to Muslims in the wake of two women posting a video of themselves and their children insulting Islam. “We wanted to bring as much love in the face of the hate and bigotry, and it was overwhelming,” …

Religious Diversity

What Does Islam Say About Religious Diversity?

Short Answer: Islam holds that from the beginning, God has been sending prophets to different peoples at different stages in human history to give them divine guidance as to how to live this life. Muhammad never claimed that he was teaching a new religion; he said that his mission was to restore the pure religion, taught …

respect people book

Why Do We Respect The People of The Book?

Short Answer: Because God commanded us to respect them. They have deviated from true Monotheism, but we still have much in common, including our love for the same prophets. Asalamu Alaikum Abdul Rahman. Thank you very much for your question. Both Groups Deviated From The Truth It is true that all the prophets of Allah preached the same …

UK Muslims Mark Successful Charity Day

Hundreds of Muslims throughout the UK carried out community activities, from litter picking to visiting hospitals and making food packages, to mark Sadaqa Day, or charity day, on Sunday, March 26, which was first organized in 2015.

Hundreds Shield US Oldest Mosque to Support Muslims

Hundreds of people from different faith groups and ethnicities circled America’s oldest mosque in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Sunday, March 26, forming a human shield to show support to American Muslims against threats and hate mails sent to mosques across the US.

Ohio Women Dispel Myths About Islam

Living in Springfield, Ohio, for two decades, Samina Ahmed is working with members of her local mosque to explain her faith to people and clear misconceptions about it.

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