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Blessings in intercultural marriage

So Many Blessings in Intercultural Marriage

Read part one Read part two Read part three Read part four As mentioned in previous articles in this series, intercultural marriages can be challenging. They may even run into issues just getting started in the first place! Some potential spouses face opposition from friends and family, or have to overcome stereotypes to see the …

My Muslim Son Is Dating an Atheist

My Muslim Son Is Dating an Atheist

In this counseling answer: “Telling him to do and not do certain things may not necessarily help your relationship with him. This type of behavior may even push him away even more. Instead, attempt to invest in your relationship with your son long-term. Let him know that you are his loving mother who cares about him …

parenting in a mixed marriage

Parenting in Mixed Marriages

As part of an intercultural marriage you’ll need to learn how to navigate these differences and take all extended family opinions and advice with a grain of salt.

Communication Problems in My Intercultural Marriage

In this counseling answer: “My experience in working with many wives and couples over the years is that culture clash is rarely the actual problem. What is more often the problem is dealing with individuals who have an immature understanding of marriage and its commitments, and are emotionally and psychologically unprepared for a meaningful relationship with another individual.” …

Intercultural marriage

Overcoming Cultural Differences in an Intercultural Marriage

Read part one Once you’re one half of an intercultural marriage, you are set to experience all the challenges and blessings it brings. While intercultural marriages can have their difficulties, one of the blessings of Islam is that sharing a common religion can smooth over some of the rough edges. Having a shared religion makes …

Why Are Muslim Men Dishonest?

Why Are Muslim Men Dishonest?

In this counseling answer: It is no point and definitely not good for your mental health to be with a man who is abusing you verbally and gives you no respect. Therefore, the counselor advises the sister to express her feelings to her husband when she finds him in a good and calm mood. She …

intercultural marriage

Before Entering into an Intercultural Marriage

Intercultural marriages are completely allowed in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) even encouraged the believers to give less weight to things like culture, race, beauty, and wealth, in order to find a mate based on a compatible level of faith. When considering a spouse for an Islamic marriage, the main thing …

Shall I Marry a Foreigner & Move to His Country?

Shall I Marry a Foreigner & Move to His Country?

In this counseling answer: If you want to get married to someone from another culture and move to a different country, the counselor advises to be open minded, give yourself time to adjust to the new changes, make mutual decisions with your spouse, and be humble and understanding. As-Salaam ‘Aleikom, Thank you for writing to us. …

Stressful Muslim-Christian In-Law Relations

Stressful Muslim-Christian In-Law Relations

In this counseling answer: It is far too frequent that one will find judgments made according to one’s culture and not according to Islam. But once others can see that the marriage is based on strong foundations, then with patience, mutual spousal consultation and determination others will begin to respect what you have. As-Salamu ‘Alaykum …

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