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Those Who Are Best in Deeds

Those Who Are Best in Deeds

The manner in which God extols the value of work exposes the foolishness of two tendencies that are far removed from the truth. The first of these tendencies is to perform works without guidance or insight, deeds carried out in disregard of both Islamic and natural causes.

Improve Interpersonal Skills

How to Improve Interpersonal Skills When I Talk Too Much?

Short Answer:  Excessive talking without the Remembrance of Allah hardens the heart. Nothing softens the hearts like the remembrance of Allah, as by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured. Ask Allah, sincerely, and He will respond. Engage with the Quran and with the purification of your heart. Make your intentions for His sake and He surely will open doors …

Seeking Attention

Seeking Attention: How Can I Get Rid of Bad Habits?

Short Answer:  I advise you to look deep within your heart and ask yourself why you want attention. In Islam we aren’t supposed to purposely attract the opposite sex. Men and women are told by Allah to be modest in dress and manner. I advise you to examine your intentions. _____________________________________ Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh …

A PurposeFULL Life of Intentions

A PurposeFULL Life of Intentions

As days melt into weeks and months become years, it’s easy to lose sight of your intentions and fall astray. Yet it is your intentions that count the most! Are you praying because Allah Almighty decreed prayer for you? Or are you praying to show…

only for reward

Should We Do Good Only for Reward?

Short Answer: Allah has given us everything; and even those things we give to the poor or the needy are really His gift to them. And as we have chosen to be a channel for that gift, we get reward. If we reject that reward, it is somewhat of a rebellion against God. Allah will certainly reward them on the …

How to Make Your Housework More Spiritual?

How to Make Your Housework More Spiritual?

While doing our housework we can engage in abundant dhikr, in the remembrance of Allah. We can recite the Quran from memory or we can send prayers upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad. That is multi-tasking at its best. And we will not feel that our time is wasted washing dishes.

Relieve Your Heart- Think Well of Others

Relieve Your Heart: Think Well of Others

Nothing relieves the heart and makes one happy more than thinking well of others. It protects one from the harm of worrisome thoughts that disturb his peace of mind and exhaust the body. Thinking well of others leads to a sound heart, strengthens the ties…

Bad Intentions

Are Bad Intentions a Sin Worthy of Hell?

Short Answer: God only holds us to account for our good intentions. If we follow through with them and act upon them, we may be rewarded up to hundreds or thousands of times over. Out of His Infinite Mercy, He magnifies the impact of good deeds, and minimizes the impact of evil deeds. _____________________________________ Salam Dear …

Don't Persist in Sin- Good Deeds Erase Bad Deeds

Don't Persist in Sin: Good Deeds Erase Bad Deeds

Now that we are on the road again to being the good believer God created us to be, we find ourselves contemplating, well, what next? The thought of doing a good deed might pop into our head from time to time, but due to our busy life…

Purity of Intentions

Purity of Intentions

The Arabic term ikhlas literally means purity, which is used in the Quran to refer to various things. For example, a verse mentions the purity of milk: We produce, for your drink, milk, pure and agreeable to those who drink it. (16:66) Purity in this verse refers to something that is natural, pure, wholesome, and …

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