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Patriotic Muslims Proud of British Identity: Report

LONDON – Muslims in the UK are proud of their British identity more than the general population, as they place higher emphasis on education and identify more strongly with their religious identity, a new report has revealed. “While British Muslims identify strongly with their religious identity, they are also staunchly British,” said Asif Aziz, the …

Anna, Muslim walking tours

Meet Anna – The Woman behind Muslim Walking Tours in Budapest

Anna Lénárd is a Hungarian artist, working as a tour guide for many years, and founder of Budapest Walkshop (BUPAP). She reverted to Islam two years ago. We talked about her walking tour project that aims to bring Islam closer to locals. Please, Anna, tell us about yourself a bit. After medical studies, I graduated …

Young Muslims in the West, Why the Struggle?

TEXAS – A new research by Yaqeen Institute has examined the struggle many Muslim youth face in the west, trying to balance their faith and western community. This video, created by Yaqeen Institute, is based on “Exploring the Faith and Identity Crisis of American Muslim Youth” research earlier this year by Sheikh Omar Suleiman. “Muslim …

Rome Mosque Imam Calls for Integrating Immigrants

A Muslim imam in Rome has urged fellow scholars and imams to integrate the new generation of immigrants in Italy, saying it will enhance social peace, counter extremist ideologies, and fight poverty.

Amsterdam Police Considers Allowing Hijab

Police chiefs in the Dutch capital Amsterdam are considering allowing the Islamic hijab as part of police uniform, hoping to engage more officers with migrant background.

How Can EU Muslims Integrate into their Societies

How Can EU Muslims Integrate into their Societies?

Salam Dear Frieda, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. I agree with you there is a major integration problem in many European countries. I’m particularly aware of the situation in the Scandinavian countries due to my work on my cross-cultural project “Don’t Hate, Educate!” I get a lot of comments through …

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