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Can Heirs Benefit from the Will؟

Can Heirs Benefit from the Will?

If a person states in his will that one-third of his wealth is to be given to the poor, is it permissible for his heirs to take some of this bequest if they are poor?

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Inheritance Laws: Do Men Always Receive Double?

Short Answer: No! This is a common misconception. In fact, out of 60+ scenarios, a man inherits double what a woman would inherit in only four of them, and in some scenarios, a woman actually inherits more than a male counterpart. So inheritance is not based upon gender, it’s based upon carrabba, or expectations and responsibilities on the person inheriting. A …

What's The Best Advice to Leave Children in the Will?

Peace be upon you dear questioner, This is a very important question. Thank you for entrusting About Islam to answer it for you. The Prophet (peace be upon him-PBUH) said: ‘It is not proper for a Muslim who has something to bequeath to spend even three nights without having his will written down with him …

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