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New Hindu Convert to Islam

Fasting Ramadan for a New Hindu Convert to Islam?

Short Answer: If someone is under a real threat that if they fast they will be subjected to real physical or mental harm, they may break their fast under such circumstances. But in this case they are obliged to make up for lost days of fast when they are free from such danger. _____________________________________ Salam Sister …

Muslim Hindu

How Is a Muslim Different From a Hindu?

Salam (Peace) Ajit, I am happy to receive such challenging and important questions. Before I proceed, I would like to make two main points very clear. The first is that we should avoid stereotyping and branding people by the actions of some small groups. The second point is that we should start exploring each other and …

800 Indian Muslim Families Return Dowry

800 Indian Muslim Families Return Dowry

PATNA – In a social revolution against old social habits, more than 800 Muslim families from the East Indian state of Jharkhand have returned dowry to brides’ families following a massive campaign against the practice. “The success of our campaign is just astounding. Villages after villages are joining the campaign, and the people lining up …

Blind Indian Muslim Writes Qur'an In Braille

A visually-impaired Indian Muslim woman has finished the writing of the holy Qur’an in Braille language, in an effort she hopes would help blind students interested in learning Qur’an.

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